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Knots and feathers and I don't know what kind of print booths these leggings are. UNDERSTAND IT I don't understand the yoga pants with this Jamaican swimsuit tap. Don't get it. But okay feel like as far as carnival attire. This is like overall not a very strong. Presentation. Myself. Gold hoops. Just now saying those. Little Gold accent. Again I don't understand where the pants come and The, the feathers. So I will say as a Jamaican, American. Young. Man. I don't. Care about this like. I know that London is Chock Village Megan. And a lot of the culture, the sayings the events have rubbed off on people who are just from their much like a lot of. Torontonians, you know like Ob- ran as well. Aubrey loves PATTIAN and. Brown stew chicken things as well and you know it's gotta be because surrounded by them and because Brownstein chicken and delicious. From. So I, don't really care about the Bikini top I actually think it's a cute top. And, love, the fact that Adele stands for the island, the not serve are pushing it. The hairs. Is Shooting at a taste Really. Don't understand why she let somebody put him not to her hair I don't. But okay I don't like it. Good on white girls in just does not it could be any girl it doesn't look good. I'm saying goodbye from the other side. Offer. The hair for like I'm fine with the the breasts and I'm you know again confused questioning the pants? As. Like an addition to the look. Not, so low like I don't see how it gels. Coming together for me. But the love of carnival the love of my home islands the you know feathers even. You know. I taught I, tol white woman, but the hair, the hair. The, hair for me his when it's like And that's got to be what you put the most time and effort into in terms of everything. Yeah. I don't know if she's dating scepter. This is having. On now, did I get mixed up with somebody else adults? One of those people I just wait for her to tell me in the album I, don't really keep up with her lake. Personal Life To. Lower, let me skip to have a sister on any because somebody. PUT THEM NUTS IN A. Dodge early I knew. Oh. I got know Julia was not the one who put these nuts her here I know that for sure but. Yeah that stayed out of the arguments side of it because you know I'm not Jamaican I'm not British that ain't. GonNa do with me. I was here for the fucking jokes my negative I was not ready for your to act up the way you did mixing her White Lady Ballads with. Jamaican beats and. Apparently, there's somebody call White Girl Yard He. Never. Heard of her, but this was an incredible song. I was just I cracked up for a long time. They actually laugh myself to sleep. So thank you do. The funny thing is they're probably at least half a dozen. Jamaican artists that have made made their own remix re-covered version of a ton of Adel songs because what Jamaicans love motherfucking doing is taking the melody of some top ten billboard song and then like rethinking it over like the most island production and we love it and our aunts and uncles play it when we get together and you know you often will hear it while smelling something being jerked. So I, feel like you know what if Momma loves you know the black. Green and gold I'm fine with that even in Bikini tops form but the hair like the hair for me. that. We, could have done a gun. Could could've done like pig tails. We could've gone natural whatever that is for her. But this Jada Pinkett Smith in the Matrix now. Did Not understand it but you know. That's where I had to get off but her. And I'm sure she thought she was showing love with this like. She I'm sure she did. But girl and Jamaicans love this like Jamaican Jamaicans like born and bred didn't saying do they typically don't give a fuck about white people from wherever the fuck loving Jamaica like Jamaicans. Glib for this, they go the fuck up and seeing their islands influence spread across the roads and stuff like that. I'm American born. American born and cultural cooperation is just the thing that has always been in my face, Cellino. Caribbean. Heritage. Aside. And I'm a bit more sensitive about it myself as well. You know which is why I don't mind you going to carnival fine or you know wearing our flag it's pretty but it's like if she starts singing. And Patois in. Yeah. That's where I have to get off the bus. That's it for me. You know..

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