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Good news gary i can now make fun of him and serve your beloved kyw highway where there's a new genius there's a new way of emperor with no cologne town here is christ no one can ever convinced me that this wasn't invented for guys who wanted to do that but couldn't do it now it's like it's like i can't play football i can't pay basketball i can't can plug a good i'm venice sport it's called donor eating and iron rule i will rule the land because a new sport met alunan rule last scouten doesn't involve vertical lee her hand i coordination or upper body strength the fact that hurts you that are now threats minute support that's great now i don't mind his idea i mind all the stupid people that go along with the new sport began i look at it and go on the guy's not athletic that's why he's invented the sport did it looks like he might be in into that for you may well james franco has been raised from the cover of vanity fair is annual issues celebrating hollywood and the academy awards cnn a statement released to cnn on friday says quote we made a decision not to include james franco on a hollywood cover once we learned of the misconduct alex since against him the magazine debuted at the new cover thursday with the headline the twenty 18 vanity fair hollywood portfolio twelve extraordinary stars one momentous year another because i i think we have the picture another thing that has caused people to comment on this picture is that reached witherspoon has three legs and this picture and they said that oprah has three hands but i i couldn't find that is easily students frankly leton everybody's sort of individually shot and then they're all or put together so he was he was just left out but um yeah he's not on it and i left out or remove he was well he his picture was taken and he didn't make it into the composite i believe can and you can and then you could see racist relax.

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