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We hope you're safe healthy and that you are almost over the week. One loss with the dallas cowboys sustained to the tampa bay buccaneers and something that we are starting today. Here have log the boys every tuesday. We will be live about six. Pm eastern five pm central time for a blogging. The boys roundtable to discuss everything going on in the world at the cowboys. The nfc east the nfl really anything we feel like talking about today's panel includes in a clockwise direction after myself. Meg murry from girls. Talk and boys. You can hear her. Every friday on the block on the voice podcast the day before that on thursdays you can hear tom rile. Who's joining us on riled. Up with roy whites kelsey charles transmit on fridays and indie I guess seven eight o'clock position here. It is tony catalina. From blocking the boys dot com. You can read his outstanding work. We are all upset. We are mad. We were all miffed at the dallas cowboys. Last last week for the tampa bay buccaneers. But may we are mostly upset. Because today on tuesday. Jerry jones double down for greg's are alive and that is upsetting. Yeah i mean it's upsetting. I see. I don't think they should have really stuck him out there in force him to kick a sixty yard killed when he just had back surgery. But so i wanted to surprise you with this. Tom i'm gonna come to you in just a second here As mentioned we have a lot of things to get here. And i wanted to start with greg's because i'm really upset about this. I wrote like eight hundred words about this at the site. Which tony and tom can tell you. Take some time to get a really passionate about something to drop eight hundred words. I was talking to bobby belts about this. Who is now on the block of the west podcast because while you can hear him on mondays on cowboys casts and he reminded me. I forgot that this happened during the broadcast last week when the cowboys obviously lots of the buccaneers this is after the airline missed. Extra point already shanked. Thirty one yard field will at this point in time but he comes out. Misses the extra point on the second touchdown. Just listen to what michele tafoya says..

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