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Wall street ended the week with an obsession the nasdaq surged two point two percent one hundred forty four points to an alltime high the sp 500 also hit a record high of twenty point gain the dow jones industrials rose thirty three points to twenty three thousand four thirty four berry bannister of st form nicholas tells bloomberg the stage appears set for further gains on wall street when you see growth and value both working their way together that's a sign of a broader stronger market super thursday earnings for the tech stocks was actually very strong some of the cyclicals are acting better shares of amazon microsoft alphabet all move moved higher after the companies posted strong quarterly results after the bell on thursday the economy was stronger than predicted over the summer the commerce department says the gross domestic product expanded at a three percent annual rate in the third quarter the crude oil futures rose to fifty three dollars ninety cents a barrel in new york jeff belanger bloomberg radio this is your bloomberg real estate report i'm denise pellegrini queens is getting to be a red hot market from us properties sold their last quarter the median time on the market was less than three months and grant long senior economist its treaties incense the boroughs relative affordability is behind the trent housing and new york city more expense than ever and new yorker even those are relatively well off in part of the rest of the country are having more and more trouble finding affordable heart and lund says well queens is intense trendy as say brooklyn it has some other selling points beyond could public transportation before finance priced out of the old brown thumb brooklyn authority be beautiful brunette farrah by an unequivocal walk offer out there is a very dynamic routine and quinn a lot going on culturally street he says queens is also housing a growing number of companies in some neighborhoods giving the market their critical mass and that's your bloomberg real estate report.

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