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So you get a discount on all of Joe Dolan's unbelievable content and Tom Raleigh and Graham Barfield. Guru. Giants and and our Guy Greg Cosell. Who will be on tomorrow's Ross Tucker Football podcast breaking down the position groups that are most and least affected by the abbreviated practice schedule abbreviated preparation for the twenty twenty NFL season. You know this some Ross Tucker former NFL offensive lineman five teams, seven years. Now, I've got five podcasts including this here and Hissy beasts podcasts. It's August which means two things number one we start having to episodes a week because you guys deserve it because it's fantasy football time and we were scheduled to have Christopher Harris on Fridays Bengazi Beast podcast this week, and also means we dive in. Two Tiers of and when I say Dole and I'm talking about Joe Dolan at F. G. underscored Dolan on twitter he's basically the owner of all overseas at fantasy points dot com he's got a setup he is in south. Carolina we are getting into the cheers of Dolan I am beyond excited for it but before we do that Hello Joe Oria I'm well Ross how `Bout Yourself. Not Bad I got a weird spot in our best ball this this month I'm in I'm like in the eleven whole thing. So Iran. Actor one two and then ODA. Beckham? Junior. Checking Kenny Golladay. With my next few picks. On. Running back receiver receiver, what do you think that's going to be a pretty common start this year I actually opened up with. Excuse me because we have not yet talked about you and I at least have not yet talked about a deeming. Williams. Opting out. So I went with Clyde Edwards a layer in the first round I rick ill in the second. So I doubled up on Kansas City chiefs to open open my draft. But my top two running backs are both rookies in Edwards Allaire Jonathan Taylor, and that's going to be a little precarious but I think kind of excited. I was wrong by the way I got DJ more. I had to queue up I got DJ more I. Think I had golladay higher but the guy right before he took golladay sow. Got Dj more instead I. Think you're even higher Dj more than I've been, but maybe you convince me of that. Yeah he's kind of he's kind of in that high end wide receiver to. Even. A lot more than I do. I'm still a little iffy on on Teddy Bridgewater I'm not sure. Exactly how much long frankly exactly how good he is but. He's a very good wide receiver to and I..

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