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They just show where they were flipping houses. Oh, it was on FYI network did looking and her husband and they had flipping how show he's so instead. So he loves that part because it's all about him and his work and do things. He loves not about personal life, not about drama on about drinking and getting messed up or personal relationships. It was really just about him during be loves. He does house flipping. He'd Brennan houses. He buys and sells them. You just all that stuff. So he was really happy that element of it, but he's, he's a very shy guy doesn't like being out in the public. He doesn't like being sharing his life and his Nicole Nicole job and not his and he lets her do her thing and he doesn't want to be on camera. And he's really here for the kids that'd be on the camera on. It'd be like a third semester. That's opposites. That's my job. That's why I'm there. I'm a lot of people want to know if you've ever met JD, et and Jonathan Denis though, but I can't stand him what? Why can't I can't stand up? I just think it's when I watched it. It's too much on too much. That he takes it on overdrive and I think when he was like on that show while the first thing this show, there's a tiny place to while out and like the extra extra gay and I was so uncomfortable, like he's like forcing this craziness on these, like unlike unsuspecting straight men in the middle of nowhere. And he's like. My girl. And he's like freaking out you so uncomfortable for the people deal with that. And then I think everyone thinks he's so funny and like that's also by because I, I'm jealous, but he has an I tried out for that show and I get it. So I know for that show, I share for that position for the hair meat for the beauty position, and I was, I did not get a call that, of course, you hate him. Yes, of course. They hate him, but it's like an also being successful there snatching Emmys and it's like, that could have been me million followers. Yeah. And now he would have been so great at it. Actually. I know someone else who try for that same role. So hard who say. But otherwise I know people like him. I just can't stand him because he has everything I want yet. No, but people always say like your show is so mean you state such mean things about people. You're just jealous. Mike, obviously, girl the jig is up. Yeah. Did you people can lead to be somebody that Meghan Markle's wedding? I'm like, Meghan. Markle is literally a Princess and I'm literally like eating Chinese food in my bed. Of course. Jealous. Yeah. Be into one more question for you before I'll let you go. Some people wanted to know about something that happened John. Trauma drama, Jonathan, Jay bond, the food God. He came on our pockets. Anybody on the pockets. I met him out with my friend. Melissa borger. Yes. So we were all at lava when having dinner and and Johnson was there. So we all started hanging out there and then we came, we became friendly. And then anybody wants the podcast. We came on the podcast and everyone said the episode is this'll there if you go to, it's happening, look for the ones with food gods. And everyone said he was so horribly mean condescending and such a jerk often. So nasty to me to you to me. And so everyone's saying what a, what an asshole, how horribly with me, I take it as the way they wanted to call the all my friends treat me. It's like, I'm like, not the butt of the joke, but it's like, you know, I like asking questions like like, oh, what about this? And he was like, I can't believe I've never flown coach. They've ever done this like acting like that's his bless his brand. That's Uber, you know, show off and I'm like an Uber layer naive, personally. Oh my God. You didn't have to pay for that. So it was like kind of that dynamic and he. Got it, bad rap for it. There's no bad blood..

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