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Ground and vote for your favorite players a week. Okay. The quarterbacks running backs who the nominee is doing this week. Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers was Amazon. Shouldn't get it. Ryan Fitzpatrick should get. That's why I'm voting for two and I'm voting for saquon Barkley. Okay. About Blake. Bortles didn't make the cut this year. Not this week next week, for sure. All right. So last question. It's the people also ask question so on Google, if you go, people also ask Carson Palmer, so it's not me asking it's the people asking, okay. What NFL teams at Carson Palmer played for people are asking that and you want meeting you gotta answer. People are asking that. Okay, so played for the Bengals. Okay, the ravens write this down the Redskins. Okay. The patriots. Okay. The Team New England. I went from New England to I went to Oakland. San Fran? Yup. Petersburg Florida? Yup. And where was I? When I played in North Dakota. What city was that? Bismarck? It wasn't really the only city. North Dakota wasn't that hard connects. People also ask our Carson and Jesse Palmer, brothers. Cousin's really? No. That's a like, okay, that's a lie. I believe you on the Bismarck thing. And then last question, what is Carson Palmer's net worth? Can we go back to FedEx because it was really cool. We're talking about what they're doing USO make sure you guys are involved in the chatter on Twitter hashtag in ground. Yeah, I'm gonna it up two thousand dollars to the winner. Chatter bait, two thousand dollars each winner for me four thousand dollars per week. Coming out, of course, in the winter not worth how much the USO the USO is phenomenal organization helping helping arts retired servicemen. Women get reacclimated to civilian flat troops packs that up Marlins. All right, Carson. Thank you so much. You're welcome anytime. Yeah. Yeah, please come back. Come back this afternoon. Yeah, sure. On the air all day, we don't take the night, but you can see that. Oh, hang out in you guys. Have a great office. We do use some more, whatever that patting on the wall. Yeah, I think we could use a little bit more as best as problem is where I get hungry. I just start chewing the walls tell. So yeah, it's it's an issue. All right, Carson Palmer. Thanks so much pre sheet it. Thank you. Okay. That interview with Carson Winston brought to you by Bud Light. We're going to set Larry up again here. Wait another pick. He's going to pick between the loss in the eagles and the bucks is time, right? Cat cats gonna monitoring, but I wanna talk to you guys zagging pick for Bud Light whenever, hey win. He makes a decisive move. Feel free to interrupt. Okay. I'm doing. I'm talking about, I love Bud Light..

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