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T o P New 7 48 Traffic and Weather on the Age to Rick McLaurin, the W T o P Traffic Center Capital Beltway, still running nicely all the way around through Maryland, Virginia Later on tonight, we have a schedule works on the outer loop between Route five Branch Avenue and root for Pennsylvania money that will block the left lane and we'll let you know when that happens. My 2 70 No problems to and from Frederick I 95 b W Parkway route 50 all traveling well. Cross the Bay Bridge. No problems there. Three lanes west into Lane's east Over in Virginia, 66 is traveling nicely from Manassas. Rozen good both ways. 3 95 no problems. They're both inside and outside the Beltway. I 95 hasn't delays and stretches along both sides. No issues reported volume South bound just before you reach route 1 23 in the Aqua Kwan. Slow on the North bound sign. Fact North bound lanes all open. Now you're clear. You're good to go between Fredericksburg in Springfield Interchange. Nothing happened to slow you down. Have utility work going on over in Leesburg has old lanes of King Street shut down both ways at Market Street. And through the district. No problems reported on the freeway and your quiet on both I and D C Tu 95 BMC Software and Deal T Solutions are here to help federal agencies get the E solutions they need with this kind of year end often offerings. Visit www dot lt dot com backslash BMC Solutions To Learn more Rick McClure w T o P. Traffic Turning out a Storm Team four meteorologist tomorrow, Theodore. Everyone Tonight. Temperatures are headed to the sixties rain chances are there we do have a friend.

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