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Year Luke Luger debut Do you have surveillance cameras That's what police and manassas are asking residents along Magnolia court not far from stonewall park They're investigating a homicide that happened Monday A 19 year old was killed and police are hoping surveillance video can provide more information as to what happened Investigators aren't saying how the victim died but they do say they believe he was targeted and there is no greater threat to the public Its two 42 metro can't seem to keep its 7000 rail series cars on the other tracks After all of them were pulled from service because of wheel problems discovered during a derailment some of them were up and running again but TOP's Kyle Cooper says those days are over At least for now 40 of the problem railcars were just recently put back into service but Washington metro rail safety commission spokesman max Smith says in at least two cases there had been minuscule movement in the car's wheels In all various problems were found in 5 of the 40 railcars metro has now pulled all 40 off the tracks Last October on the blue line a 7000 series car derailed revealing an issue in the wheel assemblies that metro has been trying to fix ever since Kyle Cooper W TOP news Metro tells W TOP the 7000 series railcars are temporarily out of service so the daily inspection process can be revised Metro says this change will not impact current rail service times In other news fire departments around the region are grappling with the COVID wave in fairfax county so many firefighters and EMS workers have come down with COVID the department is making staff adjustments and that concerns some members of the department A 20 plus year veteran of the department who prefers to be anonymous says having units understaffed or out of service does impact fairfax fire's ability to protect the public a response from the department's Ashley hildebrandt We have people who this is their job to look at their data and to figure out the best course of action to ensure that there isn't a break in service She says if you call 9-1-1 appropriate help will arrive and we're going to be there in a timely manner Kristi king news Two 43 Regency furniture.

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