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Let's continue with a conversation. You want to continue with your last question or discussion or you want to move on. Coach. I want to clear flock clarify a contract status for Jared Goff because I think it opens the door for discussions for for several of their players this year. His base is going to be $25,325,000. With a 2.5 roster bonus breakdown with the cap information of $27,825,000. He's midway through this contract, the salary drops to 10 million In 22, then goes up to 20 million in 23. So you know he's at midpoint off this contract. Four years 134 million, and we do know that the Rams made that move to be able to bring in a quarterback for new discussion, but also get that contract away from them, and they're still gonna be working on it. With lions. And of course, those numbers will add up in congratulations to Ryan's holder, and Bruce told her there the nephews of your great friend Ted Tollner, who are now in the agent business, but raises a question. What about Sam Darnel? The former USC quarterback was now in New York jet. How do you think that's gonna work out? And what does this say? About the position when you have AH, Player of the age of Tom Brady in the Super Bowl at 43 years of age. Well, I don't know what it says, except his phenomenal Tom Brady and the way he's been able to survive and protect himself and maintained conditioning and You know he's not a party or he's a He's a guy that worries about the game year around and take care of himself and family man. The whole package. And I'm not saying Sam Donaldson, either. But Sam Donald's been in a position where he's gotten hit more than normally. Ah Ah, Boxer might not fight as far as trying to pry become protected and Past the football and you know, personally between you and I, with a new coaching staff there and so on, and for the best interest of Sam Darnell's I'd like to see him move on. I'd like to see him get a good new position somewhere because I think he can play I watching, played us CSR and make many big great plays. I saw him win the Rose Bowl game by some of the place he made there. Ran around. He threw the football well, he played hurt. It's just a tough guy and a good winner. I think it's maybe a time for him to have a new home and a place for him to have a new start. And it might be good for the Jets, too. Babel have a new start to be able to have a new quarterback sold on the Jets. I would try to find a place for Sam Donald and the fire was Sam Donald. I want to get out of an expensive city right now and get somewhere where I can concentrate on football and I think he has a great career in front of him and go somewhere where he can really be respected and played. I don't know. I don't know where that might be. It could be the Washington Redskins. It could be a lot of places. But I'd like to see him going to start. I'd like to see him, I think is a heck of a player, and I think I'd be good for both. I think I'd be good for the Jets, and I think I'd be good for Sam Donald. So I don't know if that's gonna happen or not not saying that he couldn't play there and went for them. I just think that he needs a new location and he's a fresh start, and it needs a team that can give him support as far as on the offensive line. Coach. We're talking USC football and right now for this game coming up, Ah, week in one day if you will. Super Bowl 55 Ronald Jones, the USC tailback out of McKinsey, Texas. McKinney, Texas. 5 11 208. He was picked in the second round number 38 on the board had AH good career. USC did not have the type of of wraps if you will, probably a little bit fresher coming into the league. Your feelings about that. Only one player. Of course that s he could talk about for the Super Bowl. They've had players and about 40 plus Super bowls. Ronald Jones your feelings. You see him splitting the carries with Leonard for net. Give me your insights on Ronald Jones. Well, I really do. I really think that both created almost like lightning and thunder. If you remember when wrong when, uh, when Reggie Bush was their land and white was there it was. You got a real powerful type of running back and you gotta slick. Speedy type of back and Jones. I want to congratulate him toe for making this. It will be a part of his career that will never forget. When he goes back to USC and his other schools, people. The first thing they'll ask him is what was it like and He deserves it all. I think a lot of times the back, said USC over the last couple of years have learned reverse assed far as how to become a great running back. You're basically How did they current systems that are being run? Now? You're not utilized as much as a running back. You'd like s'mores, a pass blocker and a checkoff guy as far as the passing type of offense. So they get back into the NFL, and they've learned how to pass block and now they got to get back into what their God given Ah ability and that's Ah, you know, read the play and read the whole and then make the break and dart through there and get his many yards as possible and Get as many yards as you can't after the hit, and I think he's had a great job, and I want to congratulate him for getting to the Super Bowl. Everyone can't get their check. Was there so much talent now out there in the college ranks and the NFL? It's unbelievable. If you watch the Senior Bowl practice of the Senior Bowl game today, or if you watch the introduction of the team's playing in the Super Bowl, you hear about so many players when they say where they're from. We're from mid American conference is the Mountain West Conference..

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