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First aired on August twenty fourth two thousand sixteen that's three whole years ago so much has changed since then so as we wrap up season four. I'm feeling very reflective and maybe exhausted but shockingly not defeated. 2016 feels like a lifetime ago for all of us. I'm sure both globally and politically and also personally I've gone through multiple relationships. I've moved twice. I have a dog. I have a retirement account. I turned thirty then I turned thirty one. Jesus US and plenty of you have asked rightfully as the seasons have gone on where I'm at with my personal finance journey. I definitely shared more of that. Explicitly during season one and slowly as the show got more broadly focused. I looked outward more so where am I now well. I started out knowing nothing nothing drowning in debt and full of shame fun over the past four seasons of bad with money. I've learned not just about money but about access injustice and about myself since the very first episode I've read many finance book.

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