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Every time you heard that were diaspora on this episode. This is a an effect of the show that I have never thought about. So thank you. It's like when you first get into your new atheist, and he wanted to be able to argue with everybody. So you have to learn all the different types of logic. Right. Al-aziz and stuff like I never got into that stuff because it was too much for me. But you have to learn the vocabulary in order to throw that in somebody else's face later. Yeah. Like, you wanna learn to be able to be like, you're just using pro hawk era, go proper hawk reading. Yeah. And those people those people get punched in the face, but. Because still stay on. There's a lot of people that use their understanding of fallacious reasoning wrong, especially when you first learned about it. And I had a communications teacher who taught a class called reason discourse Boise state, and he taught all the fallacies. But he also gave us the warning that to a child with a hammer the entire world is a nail. So don't take this new tool at start ruining your relationships? The north west free thought conference where I was on the planning committee, and the discussion was do we cancel the the conference as we going to be the I think the fifth one up to that point? There's only been three because the second one had already been canceled. The so the first third and fourth happened and the fifth was going to be cancelled. And that was because they were they didn't want to dip into either. They're the main organizers chunk of the money or their reserve funds. They were holding onto and I made the statement that if you cancel this. Then you're going to be demonstrating that there's only a sixty percent chance that a conference you will happen. No one will come and this you just won't have anymore. This is bad business, and I got called on that being a slippery slope fallacy. Not I say flip the table and leave at which point I said, we're not talking about logical argumentation, we're talking about human psychology and confidence that's different human behavior is not related at all to logic. And there hasn't been another northwest rethought conference weird. Yeah. I guess you slid down that slippery slope you. But you can marry horses. I I'm glad we we give you you words in tools that you can use. That is. That's awesome. Yeah. That's excellent. Especially when you're coming up and trying to develop yourself as a more reasoned individual. And this concept that you just can't quite explain the other person. It's ideas that you have and like you feel like the air of them. But then they I remember the first time when I figured out what cognitive dissonance was hell. Yeah. That was like, that's that's everything. Oh my God. So that just blew my mind. I can't even put it together with what I already know cast too. Oh, come on. This. It's a for intellectual. So next next. We have good chemistry even with guests. And I enjoy learning what has happened in the news and about other religious beliefs. The only time we didn't have good chemistry with guest was when they were openly Republican. Yeah. They she thought it was good enough that she wanted to post it on her own YouTube channel alsi. Yeah. Episode of parks and rec where Leslie and Ron or at ends it. Yeah. Kinda only if not hilarious Leslie was calling Ron a racist. I'm into it. Yeah. Like our little Ron Swanson plaque there. He's it's being quickly develop chemistry with guests is that's something. I've learned. It took work. It took. It comes naturally. Whatever it was very pool..

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