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Remains. I know but, you know, remains to be seen gotta you. Yes. Totally very up. Totally fair to, I think, two final questions. Do you plan to follow anybody on social media, I well, I'm utilizing, as a source of outgoing information. Yes, you are at this point. I I don't really want. I actually like makes me nervous. Like, I'm always the one thing I, I did put one thing on my self. And I was like doing this, right. I I'm, I'm scared like my credit card information. We're going to get out. You know, just don't make your passiveness very savvy, but I got a bunch of people who, like are sad for me. So I can sure ADA in my mind and be like, okay. Reply to, you know, like news found like maybe reply to sweet. I was like, okay, what would I apply? I'll give you one. So I just said, okay, let's find a gif of Gary Goodridge elbow in the hell somebody in that that's not reply. You know, stupid stuff like that. You know, just any automated, basically it'd be where you see, like in information from most things I think are pertinent, I will that would be like 'cause nobody uses websites anymore. You know, so that will be the source of outgoing information but I I'm not really interested in like. Becoming a I wanna get sucked into that world. You know, no in, you're one of the few. I mean like you've been so steadfast in not in, and I'm sympathetic to it. I mean I get it totally. And but it's great. I mean it's not like it's bad. I'm not right. And like I mean, I'm not judging anybody. I mean, everybody seems some people saying, well, but the thing everybody does it the thing is like I feel like all anybody does. It's talking about almost the hate. It's I really every day, somebody who's just like, oh, God hates every time it opened my phone and see all this crap on, might wanna why using it, exactly. Just thought, isn't it? Yup. Just don't read it, you know, 'cause all the you know what I've never like I look at it like. If I give you my phone number say, like I meet, you would become friends. I say, give me a call, I give you my phone number. That's like a sacred thing, 'cause I've given you the power to now text me anything you want to say. Sits San and it shows up on my phone and I'm gonna read it. No matter what it is. That's a very sacred trust that I gave you gave him my phone number. But when you put her, you're essentially giving your phone number to the entire world cause now whatever they want to type on our computer, like some idiot, sitting in his basement is gonna pop up on your phone and you're gonna read it. So it's like giving the whole world, your phone number and the whole world, send you text misses all at once, and I've never, I can't imagine the day that I wake up and I'd be like, you know, it was opinion. I want to hear today. Everybody in the God damn oil. Yeah. I totally get it. I totally it's so ironic because that's what a w is built on. Is that connection that the box and being the elite hangman page Cody like they have built this foundation on social media, Tony Kanazawa social media, and yet it shows that I mean there's there's room for everybody. And here you are putting these awesome videos up. But like you say it's outgoing, and did I would have been like you two years ago. That's how I got my name out I- YouTube promo call guy, you know, I was doing that forever ago. So like, now I can just now, now I think if I believe the promo right now and I got the phone with you, I can just film it, and it can be up in the next thirty minutes, and I can tell you. You know what I'm gonna do? You always you now on June twenty nights..

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