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Your loan Scottish historical figures again, and he's making his debut for two curling quickstep the welter dissent one in Argentina. And it's difficult to know what to expect in this first year. And also, I suppose the big question is is it too young to be turning professional at world level. And that was one of the questions is asking people to the current quickstep press launch Patrick Lefevere made the point he's such an obvious talent is they hadn't signed him. Somebody else would have done and said job to get in and sign riders. And it's their responsibility to look after him and make sure that the pressure doesn't build too much. But of course, we know that in Belgium pressure goes with the territory, doesn't it that such a history the press, you know, that always draw the comparisons. Will he be the new Eddy Merckx it starts almost before? He's turned to pedal, and I suppose watching over the Aussies. Zain the launch of a clothing range by some of his fans with gold leaf lettering and logo perhaps people getting carried away on his behalf rather than him himself. Getting carried away an interesting character because of the talent he has. But also as a child he was a very promising footballer. He was on the books and elect Belgian club and also PS from before going back to under lectern, then discovering cycling and really becoming very good at it very very quickly and almost immediately on quick steps radar. I didn't actually speak to vent oppo at the press launch. He was did a lot of TV and then kind of spirited away little bit. But I did speak to Tim the clerk who anyone who's watch the grand tours. We'll have seen to clerk on the front of the peleton for our after our one of the real world courses who chase down the breakaway. When none of the other teams want to help to set up a state win loss. Year for either VR, knee or. Area or whoever and the clerk will be one of the more mature more experienced figures, who will I guess be mentoring event Opole. So I asked him what kind of pressures are going to be on an eighteen year old nearly nineteen year old as he gets to grips with the world tour. Normally, I would say let it wait a little bit. But we also have a saying what what's what is good comes quickly. And I think he's for sure physically ready. I think to ride it, right? I think everybody can say he's an exceptional talent thing. There is no nobody place to let him develop an here on the team. I think we all. Our duty to to make to make him as a as as good as possible. So it will will take a while. But I think he for sure has has it in. There were a lot of guys that were really big talented in any youth. But I think we don't have a we have not seen such thing in a long time in Belgium. What was he doing before he was cycling? He was playing soccer. So I'm thinking was also really good. But I think he's gonna be even better in in cycling, for sure I I already said him that a lot of times that when I was eighteen for sure I was also drinking beer a lot more than I was studying..

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