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War they come to that final hurlock securities that game became windstar farmers the son of prominence I am making the greatest stakes winner purely hot springs brokers meaning that I asked my quarter lengths and most recently won the American Pharaoh stakes for racing breeding sales news and that's blood horse dot com from breaking news to Silas results racially more find it all blow US dot com that fall nineteen dot com slash fall nineteen twelve issues twelve bucks cover all the fall action including all the Breeders Cup action again that is Dr Tom backslash fall nineteen they already have Bona ship group or justifies over Kumar they have a good relationship and eight rings will be joined American Farrow and justify coolmore on the retirement retirement interesting that the early yeah world that he gets syndicated wraps meet wraps the year field of ten going to go mile and an eighth Harbor just missed behind the now retired preservationists the great one woodward last time out for Todd pletcher tiling athlone ride from post number eight most Sita Arrojo my boy for Shane Wilson when Lucas Classic last time he takes ship east to try this at two for two with that nine furlong distance three two one two one one one favorite it's time to the top fourth in the Woodward won the Alley Dorothy spots you starts back to zero rides for our slow yeah you know whenever I see Mr Freeze in a race a I get a little on edge I liked the hordes very much I root for him I thought he was very good last time in the AC now he'll move to an inside draw he's got speed but I can't pick them in here no MR freeze for you know Mr freeze I'm going to try and beat him in this spot the more look the more I just think Thompson ties in a good spot you're a scoundrel I believe that the the move from the outside drawn the Woodward I think that Kinda hurt him little bitty was wide most of the way around the track only tired late I think the move inside is going to give him a good spot to sit and I think when the real running begins he's going to uh be unleashed by Joel Rosario and he is going to beat this bunch of the why I'm going three times a ta but I'll keep an eye on the to Mr Free Yeah I'm going the other way Mr Freeze dirt off the layoff strictures back out to the nine furlongs best win came and then mountaineer that West Virginia Derby where he stopped the clock at one forty seven four one by eight lengths from the wrong P derby lat next time the turf he's back and good form they'll Romans got pointed in the right direction disappointed not to see him in the turn dirt mile because I thought he'd be a major player and actually would have picked him against Omaha beach it a little bit of a price from GonNa pick them against Omaha beach in the dirt Mile pick up against Tom Tom the Fayette I'm taking Mr Freeze on top Tom Com makes a lot of sense I can't leave my boy most Outta here I mean the et it's everything they throw it on Delta Lonestar evangeline Remington Churchill Win Win Win Win Win Turf for wet fire last night fine he's always a matter of the source love Messeghero he's the third one in five play a pick four or pick five tomorrow used the three of them but I will come back with a win bet on Mr Free he's an reached number nine the great to Fayette now route the keeneland coverage amazing Churchill downs open Sunday we'll talk about two of their stakes a little later on in this program out of Santa Anita got one stake Sunday one stake Saturday here's the great three automous flat mile on the turf four the three old phillies get a field of twelve and here there's an easy as well silent makes her third state walks is being transferred to train a Brad Cox perfect two for two since going to Cox born she's eight to one on the morning line gets all famer Mike Smith you favorite though is at five thirty number three hidden message her loan. US start came the del Mar oaks last time she was a solid second behind multiple grade one winner kmby apart for Chad Brown Simon Callaghan gives floppy impressed up from post three I can't look past her that race was very good I didn't like it when it was run the way can be a part came back and won I think that that was a loaded race now that I look at it she broke from the thirteen she's had time to mature I think she's going to be super tough to beat on Saturday yeah I do too I'm GonNa tell you this I think there's a chance that we can see one of these phillies the number five keeper of the stars for my man Johnny Wong and able to deal take them gate to wire she has she won easily in her turf debut Golden Gate Johnny took over she ran from the rail and it was taken off the pace in the San Clemente got beaches the length and a half they stretch within a nine furlongs again just off the pace gets we three lengths to kmby apart lengthen three-quarters behind message and then last find yes I notice shift or back to Golden Gate and she was able to just get loose on a on a on overwhelmed bunch of horses at one five but she his proven now that she needs to just be turned loose and I don't think there's a lot of speeding this race I think she's the speed speed going the mile cutting back to the while maybe that helps her 'cause I think secret hidden message going to be very tough I'm gonNA give this philly too slight nod just hoping that the speed kills and she takes them flag all too that's all over the stars for me overhead and message on making exact box that goes race number seven the grade three autumn miss turn the page to Sunday rest of our action is on Sunday to commented atop goes as race number seven at the great race place Sunday afternoon flat mile on the main track that's once around a little bit of a preview for that dirt mile and we need to feel them here just five go to the post I mid court for John Sheriff's on a two race win streak race here going a mile at Senator June delmar August we see another Two month break leading score just missed in the Brubaker a race that was won by two thirty five favorite in here from post five for Richard Baltas and said the Oh yeah be small fields here I mean the the tough to figure become writers races a lot and right up the rider is correct and I I'm GonNa go with the one Oliver state bread enters this off of uh too nice winds stretched out last time to take the jets instant over at La Salle earned a nice number their career best buy speed figure he draws inside you know he's quick enough that if leading score doesn't come back with his speech need from the three hole that he could take the lead if not he lets him go he can sit second I think the way he's going I'm giving a shot to make it three in a row think we see on a regular basis slavi and Pratt knows how important it is to be aggressive we see during the Estonians doing rebrand radio I cannot imagine leading score by the way Kudos to Bob Baffert bring this horseback from ornaments layoff to win and then just beating Brubaker after opening up a big lead he had every chance to go take a step back with come back in just four weeks and he kinda did I don't think there's going to be any dual in hand I'm GonNa tell you what I think frats gonNA trifle around on a front end I put this on the front end tomorrow on Sunday rather and just let them roll I know there's some other horses in here Certainly looks to be the fastest if he wants namely Oliver from the rail who could I don't think it's happening I think the gate opens I think pride puts the source on the front end and I think that is it I think the common top goes to leading score race number seven on Sunday at the great race place we're halfway home when we return Sunday action from Belmont the park as we wrap up another meet here at Big Sandy you're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets here on the.

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