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I'm Scott does host about Chicago and this is a W. C. P. T. civil rights snapshot Frank Kennedy was a World War two veteran and Harvard PhD Mr Kennedy worked as an astronomer for the army map service in nineteen fifty three president Eisenhower had signed an executive order prohibiting gays and lesbians from serving as federal employees in nineteen fifty seven Frank Caminiti was fired for being gay Kennedy fought his dismissal in the federal courts and in nineteen sixty one filed the first gay rights appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court that same year Mr Kennedy co founded the Mattachine society of Washington DC with Jack Nichols the medicine societies of New York and Washington became the first gay civil liberties organizations in the United States later Kennedy help start organizations that would become the national LGBTQ task force and the Human Rights Campaign learn more about this gay rights leader and L. G. B. T. history month dot com and please stay vigilant about our civil rights the fight is never over this is right all right general manager McCarthy for the south side there's been a lot of buzz intended about legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois we send vehicles off the line every day in our number one concern is drivers safety everyone knows not to drink and drive driving under the influence of any kind of influence including marijuana the law is clear driving and smoking weed is legal anyone with a teensy blood level of over five nanograms is guilty of driving under the influence since you don't know how much you can smoke or ingest before exceeding that level the smart driver way so they get home just like drinking every day innocent people are injured or killed and distracted drivers so please drive straight answer your fellow drivers like you just.

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