Michael Cohen, President Trump, Rudy Giuliani discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


The president's former lawyer may have no choice, but to appear before congress after all today. Michael Cohen was subpoenaed to testify before the Senate intelligence committee sometime next month before he reports to prison in early March cone postponed to schedule voluntary parents before the house oversight committee next month citing threats to his family from the president Rudy Giuliani. Cohen's lawyer confirmed the subpoena was issued and says Cohen intends to comply with it just before air. I spoke with congressman Eric swallow is a democratic California and a member of the house intelligence engine, Sherry committees. Congressman swallow will Adam Schiff who's the chairman of your committee said today, he's also prepared to subpoena. Michael Cohen now, if he does in the house oversight committee does as well that would be three committees Cohen would be legally required to testify in front of some might see that as excessive is it. Well, Michael Cohen, testified to the house intelligence committee and lied. That's why he's in part going to jail. So I think we have reason to have him give us a come clean account of what really happened now other committees have other jurisdictions, but we want to get a full account of just exactly what he was protecting for the president. Why he lied and then what did candidate Trump no about a Russian efforts to build a Trump Tower? It worked with the Trump organization to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and also Russia's efforts to help the Trump campaign during the two thousand sixteen election Cohen and his people have obviously raised security concerns. I mean, it's not really the job of congress to provide security. But is there any way your committee can address Coen's concerns for his family safety or even for his safety from any kind of retaliation? I think this is something that we should this is an extraordinary circumstance. So we should of course, consider it as a former prosecutor, I can tell you that it's very likely that the molar team is also working to protect him because they may need his testimony. But if I could address Michael Cohen, I I would tell him is someone who's talked to witnesses who have broken away from gangs before one you have to protect yourself as well. So you have to be smart about that. You know in two you've already done the hard part. You've come forward you've broken away. You've given your account don't allow a paper tiger to bully you. And also, the the message that you send to other witnesses with your courage can be very helpful in an investigation. Davis. Coen's adviser call today for President Trump to to be censured by congress for witness tampering. G you consider what the president has said about Cohen to be witness tampering. And would you support a central vote? I think he is intending to keep Michael Cohen from coming in at this point. I think because we are waiting for the Muller report. We're doing our own investigations with respect to obstruction of Justice. And and collusion. I don't think we need to every time. There's breaking news, you know, have a censure vote. But I think there is going to be a day of reckoning for this president and what he has done with the Russians and obstructing the rule of law in this country. I want to ask you about Giuliani as well where there have been certainly a lot of shifting stories about a lot of different things from Giuliani this week. He told the Washington Post about that. He said there is a strategy. The strategy will become a parent. There have been these objections in the past. It's become obvious somewhat thereafter, you have to be patient. Does that make sense to you? Do you believe there's a strategy? Here. Actually, I believe what they are trying to do is to just kind of throw anything against the wall and see what sticks and create confusion because they're also fighting a political battle in addition to legal battles. But you know, you have to step back and ask you why would the president not want Michael Cohen to testify? Why would Rudy Giuliani wanna create confusion to me? It's because they want to protect the underlying questions, which is did the president have knowledge of what the Russians were doing was he seeking business deals while he was running for president. And did he obstruct and try and shut down lawful. Investigations innocent people don't act the way that the president and his lawyer are acting, and I think that's that can't be missed here. Just finally your community..

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