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And we've been discussing both how to avoid the six ways to lose your money and then how to not only create money through your business but how to grow and protected and how to start building your wealth investing in the stock market. I WanNa thank you for showing up today for showing for yourself not for. Jv and Andrew at some level. You were attracted to the show. I would trust your intuition that this was this show that provided you information that you actually need to take your next step is an entrepreneur to build a highly profitable business that makes a positive impact and then to grow your wealth as well so that you can have both a wealthy and fulfilled life if you have any questions about your company. I'd love to hear from you. Just send me an e mail or voicemail. Those links are at the top of conscious new in air show dot com. And today's show brought you value. Then I would be absolutely thrilled if you tell another entrepreneur no that you know about conscious millionaire show because we want to impact as many entrepreneurs we can and get them on a truly conscious path to building your wealth by making a positive impact. I look forward to connecting with you on the next conscious millionaire and Andrew. Thank you so much for being are featured guest today my pleasure. It was a great time. Thanks for listening. To conscious million immediate PODCASTS radio network the host producer and owner of the show distributors and broadcast media. Make no claims that the tragedies and information discussing show results in providence and may result in losses. The advice from the host guests do not necessarily represent those are the owner staff management or broadcasters show illegal counting or financial or health advice is made in the show. You advise a seek counsel naturally to Your Business. Financial investments or other legal matters from license advisors always going to tell you a physician or license advisor prior to making any changes in your diet exercise program planning any health strategies or Information. Scott on the shows now information provided baby suitable for your situation as always take full responsibility for decisions and actions you take including responses that they create in your health..

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