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Tony pays back with you at four forty two. I gotta say this is just looking at us up, Frankie Randall. Randall won the first fight split decision. Savvas won the second fight technical decision. I hit my head and continues. And then they fight realize they for a third time in like. Let me go back for a second. It was it was. The third fight was all the way in two thousand four and chevette has won a ten round decision. But this this is. I let me let me let me find this. This was. It was amazing about. Don King put this card on. You guys are gonna bear with me for me because the. I had to change something. But it's I'm gonna I'm gonna you'll you'll be fascinated. Then you talk about where boxing was and where it is today. This is the car that Don King put on on January nine thousand nine hundred ninety four it wasn't eleven 'bout card. The first fight that opened the day was Tehran, Tehran. Ninety all know who he is only as. Seventh profile. He went on to be a champion. Christy, Martin member the young woman who made it covers also say she was on the card, Tim Austin and his fourth fight. He went on to beat the bantamweight champ. Dick Taylor was on the car, and he he was still fighting Anthony Wade. Hold on a second. He lost a Donovan Razor Ruddock who was on the car. I said Meldrick Taylor Thomas Hearns for this is on the same card. Thomas Hearns won the vacant cruiserweight Thailand and Simon Brown defended his middleweight championship. And then Savas loses Tarango and the main event was Camacho losing Trinidad this is what this is the kind of fight car that Don King used to put on you got a lemon fight card. If you're in the MGM grand you've probably got four forty fights. You got to watch on TV. Nothing. Now, you don't get that anymore. Unbelievable camacho. Shabas? Hearns? Ruddick? Randall trinidad. Jeez. Hell of a lot of beef on their car. Let's go to Lenny in Fort Lauderdale. Lenny you're on the fan. Taught him the show. Thank you. Hey, hey, got a couple of things fresh three my favorite battles one was. And then I'm not a little thing at the end. One of my favorite of all time is five Quayle. Fantastic. Who'd again prior way. Yes. Yes. The first five something else. Baltimore great. Yeah. But that I yeah. Prior was just like, you know, you think he didn't. He didn't fight her and you didn't fight Leonard guys were scared of him. Them then that of matches first Durant. First barclay. That was a good fight. A fun. And then my favorite match of all time heartbreaking loss and the poor guy. Just fell apart afterwards. You just mentioned a Meltzer Kayla. Two seconds away. What a what a heartbreaking loss. That was funny. He you know, Meljak had him beat and lost because he didn't been pay attention on the refugee Whitaker had him beat. And they called it a draw. It wasn't and it finally frantic Frankie Randall finally heal beats them and then down here, you're you're your boxers real well down here in Florida. I don't know if this guy just a fire. No, no. He he's a big boxing tied down here. Okay. I'm the radiology. He's fun to listen to good. And then also see how you feel about a boy shit over there and WABC. I'll be I'll be I'm not listening. Not that. I dislike sit I'm sleeping. Like as you know. It's like not thanking up. I gotta go home and go to sleep Eric and Ronkonkoma Eric you're on the fan. Tony sleeps overrated. Yeah. Right. You and I man I tell you we need a pillow commercial. I I'd say. I'll be working overnight his fine. But sometimes you get on a bed, and it's like man this. Nobody's saying nothing to me. Real real quick before. I get to the jets you catch a new vendors trailer yesterday night me, oh, my son was asking me that I was going out the door and says he was gonna show it to me. I haven't seen it yet. A good. Yeah. I'm not gonna say, okay. It was good. It's a teaser. So that. But yeah, it definitely still west visit answer any questions. No. Now. Right. Okay jets. Yes. I don't understand a couple of things. I mean, first of all bowl still for whatever reason is not announcing the quarterback, which I just don't get. I mean, it's almost like he's shoveling the dirt onto the great thing. There's a cut earlier that that Schumer says that oh db has acquired issue, but he's going to play. Donald practicing. All we I'm not sure what you what come on either either. He's got an infection or you just you just jerk and the media around me. I just don't now you've got your Darryl. He's not gonna play for the rest of the season. I mean, it's just. I'd like to say the door, whatever the heck they want to. But I mean, I'm not even sure that's the case on it. I really don't know what's going on over there. And that in that office slash, you know, it almost seems like they flip the script and glass. Four games the exhibition season. We all know what this guy's gonna play. He's only gonna play water. You know, we'll see if we can get third string quarterback in. It's like you say he's making all those statements and that you would make in the beginning of the season is your fifth round draft choice gonna play. Well, we're not sure yet if it's late would try and get him in. And that's that's what it sounds like. Yeah. I just don't. I mean, everyone agrees that he should be playing just to get, you know. Right. First of all he's been off for a few weeks. I want to get the kinks out. But in the experience, I mean, I I just don't. If he's practicing any should be okay to go, unless you unless there's a legitimate reason for him to be, you know, still hurt on it, which I haven't heard anybody mentioning right by their sold put them in there. I just don't get. It is driving me nuts. I I it's kind of a point where it's like the season already get him outta here along with whatever else needs to go and start over if they said, we did another x Ray. And we find out the other hairline fracture in his foot. So he's out for the year. Fine. Okay. Well, at least you got something. Right. Even you know that that's something people understand you don't want them out there. It's the doctors say is not career-threatening not putting a screw in his foot. He'll be fine. All right. But this last week you said he could have played, but he didn't get the reps. Okay. This year. He gets this week against the reps. And you still not sure we're going to talk about it. What Sunday what at six o'clock in the morning over coffee. Well, that's it. I mean, what does it have to be a game time decision? I mean, stop pretending to be check. Close the bell. And even he know the only thing he doesn't do his injury reports. No. Just just just announced that you're gonna play him already and get it over with. And then that's it. You know? So anyway. And enjoy the rest of your weekend at Tony, right, man. Thank you. I don't understand. I mean. So you're gonna wait till last minute and say mccown is going to be the starter. And the bills are gonna go. Oh my God. What do we do? Now. It's like it doesn't matter. You could've you could've announced Donald on Monday. And the bills have been okay. You can announce it on Sunday the bills go. Okay. But there's no need to do it on Sunday. I just I don't understand it either. Let's go to Larry in Long Island Larry on the fan. Hey, what's up? How you doing tonight? All right. I got boxing kind of question. But before I say the guy's name. I want to give props. He was on his way to become my opinions are becoming a household name. He was a young kid who had like it was back. Then from what I remember? It was a tragic situation Gerald McCullough McClellan, Gerald McClellan. Yes. What happened today? I mean. I felt I vaguely remember you put a boxing. I said Dan this kid kinda got a bum deal. I think he got sick or something. He got got hurt in a ring brain. The brain. Yeah. And I remember I remember I it needs twenty four hour care. He never. Remember, I was I was watching the fight and my brothers because he had Showtime, and I wanted to see it and a went down. And I'm like, you know, you're a tough guy. What are you going down for you went down because he was seriously hurt. Got up and that was it. But the fact I'm affect I'm gonna look it up. I don't I haven't heard his name mentioned a long-time outta sight outta mind. When somebody gets hurt, you know, boxing will step up, but only for so long. You know was always hoping that his quality of life turned out. Okay. You look like a kid I Nigel Benn. But the I mean, he was I mean, he was a big time puncher big time. Was that in the nineties or early two thousand ninety s it was ninety five. Oh, wow. Okay. That's what I remember. All right. That's pretty much it. That's all I wanted to find out about. But thanks a lot arriving. He it's funny. He knocked out Julian Jackson who just went into the hall of fame. This week Julian Jackson, I'm looking twice. He was beat John Mugabe you lose to. Yes. He lost Dennis Milton from the Bronx. By KO and Ralph ward. Rattled off a whole bunch of wins. And the nice who've been fight that was that was February twenty fifth nineteen ninety-five. Let's go to Gary and cleans Gary you're on the fan. Tony how you think the next you're gonna do this year? Looking for a lottery pick, probably oh, all right? They don't their work in progress. Like the nets should win tonight. Because I think the nets have been suffering some really tough losses. They always talk about ABC always be closing. They can't seem to close the game. And they won tonight, and they closed it. If you will because Toronto Mr. last shot, so okay, but they play hard. And they just you know, they don't know how to close the games the Knicks, just it's. They'll still score a win here and there, but you saw what happened. I mean. I I wasn't watching the game. You're the my my wife, and I went out to dinner said I don't watch the knick game. And the funny thing is I was in a restaurant. It wasn't a sports bar but had a whole bunch of TV's up. There was not a knick game to be seen on TV. They didn't want to ruin anybody's dinner now. And I'm putting that on and you find out later it lost by twenty eight. Neil akina. I'm sorry. I don't I don't I don't I don't think talented at all. Defense is overrated. He has no offense and in this day and age from seven footers to to shooting guards. Everybody's shooting a three and his mechanics. I mean, he's not in Monaco false has category just can't shoot. And that's fine. Guys play ball. But they could do other things you can hit the men rates jumping you can run. You can run the offense. He's got issues. And I I would be surprised. They move them. I'm gonna believe what fishtail says he's in my holster. I'll be you know, I could still use them. 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