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British library as part of the x ray audio project it's creator is steven coats and he's been speaking to the newson's reporter which at hamilton the huge amount of music had been banned for ideological reasons so western visit rakhamo jazz was but lots of russian means it was becoming forbidden music that was made by russian emigres people ipo truly shaneco he was living in the west singing gypsy tango's he didn't come back to the soviet union so he was seen as a traitor all his repetoire was have been in the who's hugely popular but also you had a situation where it was not possible to these singersongwriter patrons soviet union you have to be a member of the composer's union to records zero music yet remember the rights union to have you lyrics recorded it was a huge amount of russian folk music underground music which was forbidden because he was songs about the on the side of the us sa so how do people smuggling music can if you wealthy son and daughter of a diplomats of a high level or a patch nick you had access to west than music gramaphone records in a place that leningrad which was a porch sale is coming and going would smuggle gramaphone records by from the west and then of course we the bush urged americans were actively broadcasting into the soviet union we'd radio free europe voice of america liberty cetera and some ingenious person at some point at what time that it was possible to use used x ray film as a base to make your own records they'd monies to get hold of a recording machinery coating laid we would kulik these are the things that used by journalists radio journalists in the west to make recordings in the field onto a kind of vinyl disc type record they've got all the one of those they copied it and they used xray film as the base for making their own records see that the x rays unexposed than for some reason unexposed film recorded by evan exposed him but you can see cycles the it's a little bit hazy but it's nice and fifty six other thought so this is an icing 50s recording lay this is assessed used by the bbc ciller it's the equivalent of the machine recording the on that weighs about forty five kilos and is a gramophone in with us instead of a needle which is reading.

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