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Of the year. Good morning. It's 5 48 update here on traffic and weather on the AIDS, and Jack Taylor starts us off in the traffic center. The unfortunate issue this morning and Waldorf there was a pedestrian crashed. The investigation is ongoing. 301 South bound remains closed between substation Road and Pierce Road Till further notice. You'll be rerouted. Also. Maryland State authorities now aware that box spring in the roadway to 70 South bound the end of the local lanes before the lane divide South mantra sort have been along the right side of the roadway. There's really no delay from Frederick South, headed toward the lane divide when ice and quiet still between the bell weighs on 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway fifties wide open between northeast in the Bay Bridge. You find two Lanes east and three lanes west on the Bay Bridge itself, coming through Annapolis and Billy. No worries, headed toward Northeast Quiet on the Beltway through Prince George's County in her and Natalie into Virginia, you're looking just is good between Alexandria and McClane. No worries there hiccups on for 95 inner or outer loop. You're in decent shape. 66 at a Gainesville 95 North had a Stafford 3 95 leaving Springfield in Arlington. It's a water main break, closing Little Falls Road between North Columbus Street and North Damen and Old Dominion Drive. You're going to find the roadway blocked, hoping to reopen things by about noon. Today, Your health is a priority. It's silver Diner. They installed a new hospital grade air purification systems in all 18 locations. Is it? Silver diner dot com For more information, Silver Diner your home away from home, Jack Taylor. W T o p traffic as we look ahead to. Ah, pretty nice Wednesday. We get the details from Storm Team four's Lauren Rickets. Yeah, the temperatures were running. Ah, good 5 to 15 degrees warmer than they were this time yesterday. It's a nice start The sun coming.

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