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For Republicans when you look at Philadelphia itself Bucks County still to come in Chester County, which is to the west of Philadelphia, and then you keep going toe Lancaster County When you look at those, those more than likely We'll go Democrat Is that right? That's a good question. I'm hesitant to even even speculate at this point, to be honest, because there's so much of the vote. That's just not in yet. They have some of the things you know, reporting, but it's just so small. At this point. We kind of wait till our decision desk gives us information on that kind of stuff. So I'm hesitant to even speculate. Did you see in the campaigning? Did you see the president spend more time in Western P a. And the vice president spending more time in eastern Pia, or did they both kind of crisscross the state in their campaign? I think they both sort of criss crossed. You know, Joe Biden's campaign was definitely all over the place. I mean, for them at the Trump campaign, either had the president or surrogates. You know, out all over the states, I think they basically both of them just blanketed to stay either with the candidates himself or the vice presidential vice president or the vice presidential candidate, or, you know, they're surrogates. There were events all over Pennsylvania. It seemed like I was constantly getting and you probably were two emails, saying You know someone was going to be here. This person is going to be here and I'm thinking Well, you know, I don't know how they're all staying awake at this point, but you know, it's it's a marathon, not a friend. All right. Good deal. Thank you very much. Tonya Powers joining us right now from Pennsylvania. Thanks for the update. We'll get the latest from her. Throughout the night. North Carolina eyes where the attention is right now the country North Carolina with 80% of the vote, and currently Joe Biden with the lead in that state, a TTE 50.3% to 48.5 things starting to get tighter there. They're still about 84,000 votes between the two candidates, and there are five counties yet to report Johnston County, which went big for Donald Trump last time yet to report that is the county that is just to the east of Wake County. It is a suburb of Raleigh. But a conservative suburb of Raleigh, north of there is Franklin County, which Wilmore than likely go for Joe Biden and then to rural counties Still to come a swell in Granville County and Rockingham County, which are on the border between North Carolina and Virginia. Think starting to get tight there in that state. Do two numbers coming in from the Mountain counties, which is where cities like Hickory and Lenore are those air, Big counties for the president in 2016, and well, they're big counties for him again here in 2020. Caldwell County, which is Lenore. It's currently it's 74% for the president. In fact, he leads that one by about 19,000 votes. Burke County He's right at 70% there as well. Avery County, a smaller county to the north, in the mountains there at 76%, the numbers continue to come in. In the state of North Carolina. Let's check in in our newsroom. We've got some news starting to work in now. Eric Bushman joins us right now where you want to bring to your attention. We're talking about North Carolina and also how Texas is starting to lean toward the president, Another key battleground state where Joe Biden was leading, has also flipped in favor of the president, just barely as Ohio And so that is when we also wanna watch watch real closely. The currently right now the president of 49.6 to 49.1, and I just wanted to quickly bring that to your attention. Yeah, And when you look at Ohio it's interesting because you could break down that state almost based on college campuses. Other than the states immediately north in the Cleveland and Toledo area or the county's, I should say in the Cleveland Toledo area, you look at the rest of the counties around the state. All of them have a university campus there. Athens County is blue. That's Ohio University. Columbus is obviously Ohio State. Dayton has both Dayton and right state. They're in the University of Cincinnati and Xavier. In that metropolitan area. The rest of the state with the exception of Akron, Cleveland, Toledo is red or pink at this point, and those numbers continue to come in now for the president. And as you heard, Eric Bushman mentioned have tighten things up there in Ohio, so about 64% of the vote in in that state on virtually a dead heat between Donald Trump. And Joe Biden. Currently we'll have more on what's happening in these battleground states. We've also got the latest on what's happening here locally. Eric Bushman's gonna have that coming up here next, also joining us Brian Kilmeade from Fox and friends. You see him every weekday morning. We've got him up late tonight. He joins us next with a national perspective here on the B. A. P talked with Monica Crowley in Washington, D C, where she'll be watching the.

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