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By the Officials coming into spot from the sideline. They've got it. Little Bush stand by Bush push right there from Newton that time and I suppose from the running back to shove Morris across the line of scrimmage Huskies move the chains. Tendon. Nothing as we mentioned 68 yards offense now for Washington, the White jersey with the purple numbers as they break the huddle, they do it old school style and NFL will cuddle. They come out of there with it in the I formation. Speaking of old school, Morris steps a man in motion turns fakes the handoff. The Newton winds up over the middle. He's got out any tumbles with the catch. Across the Michigan 40 yard line. Another first down. Actually, Hill makes the stop. But he goes to big Kate Otten, who was a tremendous weapon for Washington and the game of 17 yards is certainly an NFL looking tight end and I kept waiting for play action and they've run it on first down so many times tonight. Out of that I formation. Look, I knew play action was coming at some point. And finally, a great strike by Morris across the middle about for a big game shift into an empty backfield. Dropping to the shotgun is Dylan Morris first snap. He's in Michigan territory at the 37 yard line. Looking to throw winds up does left side caught by Westover tight end slash fullback. He hugs it with both arms as he gets hit by two Wolverine defenders. Grey and Harold there to make the stop play ends of the 32 yard line for right hash action tonight for the tight ends going Morris finding a comfort.

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