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I think victor drago is his name he looks like mass i still think eunice sewer tomoe would have been a cool picnic shui art sherry little jimmy but yeah looks like he's got family rago yes yeah but yeah he looks terrifying and i think we're gonna get great fights out of that movie it looks it looks i i really moving to a will say man some of that dialogue though was way too on the nose i have you got your validation like it was a little too life to no room for subtexts pretty yeah i would agree with lori wait a minute you just got through saying you don't know the two of them and i wasn't that impressed with the well no i'll i still own did get nominated for writing screenplay ooh loa back then john but yet no i rocky is always been a little melodramatic so i think if they lean into that i think that i think they'll be fine i think it looks good yeah i just hope that they don't like full into the terminated trap or indeed the old rocky franchise trap of like now we've got a successful thing let's keep doing that's the only thing like do we need a creed three and four and five and six often hear some lace lumber lang's kid oh my god yeah bucks if every single sequel was him fighting the son of whatever village i'm nick i will say this though that if terminator shows up in the creed franchise i would be okay with that is how you save each franchise smash them tonight terminal buddies.

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