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So fry goes on to save, and we begin to live thickly authentically, we recognize are worth. We express vulnerability. We set boundaries and only then can we turn outward and express compassion? So I love it. May she? She summed it up by saying shame may be universal, but rejecting it. That's up to us. So. What do you do from here? And I'm wrapping this up now. I promise. What do you do from here? Just listened to the podcast started to do some self reflection, feeling shame about not feeling like you've been authentic, then bring some awareness to it. Maybe I want to say knock it off, but but that would bring shame. So awareness is the first step. So the first thing you do just bring some awareness of the fact that, okay, maybe I'm not being as because I wanna be and that does lead to shame. This might require an exercise in determining what your internal values are. Then a couple of episodes on acceptance and commitment. There being in particular book called the confidence gap by Russ Harris. And if you read that one, he goes into a lot about an exercise, undetermined your values because your values ultimately need to be in line with what your goals are, and there's a there. There's actually a PDF file out there on the web. It's a confidence gap worksheet that helps you identify your values and I do it with people in session here and it's pretty powerful, but also learn to seek genuine connection seek to truly understand. The people around you, the more genuine, the connections with the people around you are the more likely you're going to feel like you can truly be authentic and do your best to try to remove the thought of thinking that you need to be perfect. You're human and is humans were were flawed. We are from the book the road, less traveled. One of my favorite ones by m Scott peck. Again, he starts off by saying life is difficult. That is one of the great truce what, but once we understand and once we understand we accept that life is difficult than the fact that life is difficult, no longer really matters. It's more of what we do with that fact that does so start to learn how to truly be in the moment, be present, try to become a better listener. When you notice that your mind is starting to drift off somewhere else will be yourself up about it because there's comes the shame, just gently noticed, bring your mind back to the president, the more you do this exercise more natural become and the easier will be to help you regain focus. People know when you're not there at the Tel you as their my job is to stay connected with people in session, but I'm keenly aware of folks who. The moment that I start to kind of talk express anything they to now they're getting antsy their attitude because they want to craft their next response. So learn how to be present. But in all of this will lead to this feeling of authenticity. And that's that is my hope. My prayer for all of you is that you will. You'll just truly start to believe that you can find that authentic you and only just that you can find it that. But by living this authentic life that that you will feel more connected to others that you will develop more deep relationships and friendships and that this will just become a feeling normal feeling of just feeling connected and being you're still going to have the ups and downs the bumps in the road. But boy, they, they are. I feel like they are a lot. There are lot more workable, workable problems when you are truly being on the dick yourself. All right. Hey, thanks for your time today. Folks. I will see you next time on the virtual couch and taking us out as always is wonderful, talented. Florence with its wonderful flying. Out. The day grind. Placed in. Stillman. Pushes things. Two. Exciting news discount. Opportunity. Take. Pushed. Develop this student explode. Understandings. Eggs and hearts. You. She. Streets. Unto. Sees.

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