Carolina, Kelvin Benjamin, Christian Mccaffrey discussed on Ross Tucker Football Podcast - RTFP #676: Ryan Hoag


He looked good he looked healthy that was a real positive for carolina i thought their offensive line look better which is nice derek anderson my former teammate continued to show why he's one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league and then kelvin benjamin really impressed with that big body made some awesome catches run after the catch demere bird looks like he might be there deep threat and christian mccaffrey you know you think so much about him in the return game in him in the passing game he show that he was a really really tough between the tackles runner i thought on a couple of runs which is a really good signing some very did stamford but i guess because of his size people just you know dismissed it in terms of last night's game i'll just go stock up stock down bri stock up mitch trubisky looked very comfortable ball placement was on point he's accurate he's very athletic more athletic than i realized my guide the showing kaiser was excellent for the browns as well in his first action and trevor simeon we're very solid which is kinda traverse simeon i feel like he's a solid quarterback stacked down mike lenin was rough really rough i mean 00 he went through tar ski on us on the quarterback rating now he was going get a really good defense and it was only 2 series but still it was rough osweiler was not real good ryan mallett was not real good either in paxton lynch's stats look okay but when he was in there the team the not moving the ball sabet scheme i take away is if you're a 6'7 inch quarterback or taller like an osweiler paxson lynch ryan malott that's a problem we evidently maybe it was just a rough night but none of those guys so far have reached their potential so maybe six six is the cut off for being agreed quarterback because that's a bunch of six seven guys that are having different issues for whatever reason lastly i guess bri.

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