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Mix of clouds and sun on Sunday with highs around 80 I'm storm team four meteorologist stimuli at Draper So we have two active severe thunderstorm warnings in effect right now The one is in northern Stafford county along with southwestern fairfax southeastern fakir southern Prince William and the city of manassas That one until 6 30 And then our other one that just dropped most recently It's in effect four parts of northeastern Stafford county along with southeastern Prince William and Virginia And then west central Charles county that's in effect until 7 o'clock tonight and what we have is a pretty long string of storms Just to the south of the two 11 corridor between warrenton and Washington it's stretching all the way past 29 to Quantico and then toward the Potomac river past the 95 corridor heading for western Charles county So it's pretty good storm system going there Plus we've got some pretty good activity right now in the Germantown area heading down to Rockville along with east of Damascus along the I 70 corridor and also up around west of Odin tin south of Columbia So things are really starting to pop tonight Keep it here on WTO for the latest temperatures starting to drop where at 81 in buoy 80 in Annapolis and we've got 82 in northwest D.C. and it's all brought to you this afternoon by design There we go Pay for half of your new roof later The other half never more new look home design dot com Just ahead A fatal crash here in upper Marlboro after a driver ran from the cops What's next I'm John doman 6 22 Are you shopping for your first home Or fourth or 5th At cap center there's an easier way And a less expensive way Cap your stress by using.

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