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I would not wanna see I would not want to go there. Well to me that's only if if you buy that Beal and wall or not the players we saw last year and that the the players that we saw years ago. So the sun Spain fits their Spain Jason Fitz. We haven't even mentioned the sun to have one of the top percentages to get him. It just feels like I don't know a black hole and feels very Knicks like, but without the cachet of the market. And I think the problem with the sons is part of the conversation last year was the once they got the Andrea and they were gonna take some big step forward and not to playoffs. No. But there was a there was a moment where people looked at it and thought. Okay, de'andre in Devon Booker. There's there's something there to build on. And we spent a year ago right now, we were talking to amino acid about how the the Suns coach was going to be a good fit for this. And now all of a sudden they have another new coach and another year where the first overall pick is supposed to fix everything. I just don't know what fixes Phoenix. And so, you know, I I don't think that we've seen enough from. Andrea eight and to know that that suddenly makes him a bigger star was I on next to him. So I don't love it for him. Well, and also if you really look at it, it would make more sense for the sons to take a point guard John Mirant because they've got de'andre Aiden and Devon Booker on the wing, and they've got this core that should be taking bigger steps forward. So if the point guard is the real issue that puts them in an interesting spot. Same goes for the bulls. Like, I would love for the bulls to win this this lottery intake Zion. But it kinda makes more sense to take John Renton fill the point guard position. If they've already got Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter junior. So I I think I think you have to keep Zion. If you get him, in my opinion, especially in a market like Chicago, that's desperate to get people back on board after they're so frustrated with the front office and the head coach. But there will be interesting conversations to be had if it is a team that is more need of that point guard position will what is the trade value? That's the other thing we don't know because as much as we're having a conversation. I know the Nick. Conversation of you know, they're going to trade somebody. I'm not even talking about that. I'm saying that what if the bulls win the lottery. Okay, we're gonna have a happy thought here for you for the bozeman the lottery, right and the Knicks finishing second. I mean, what's it worth for the next to move up because the bulls won John in your example? I don't think you're wrong. I mean, the bulls getting John Mirant makes a lot of sense rather have John Moran? But men do what are the Knicks willing to give up to move up one spot in the draft. I mean, if you can move down to two for her whoever wins like Phoenix or the bulls win the lottery and are able to move down to the second spot. Get John Marin they'd get a king's ransom in return for I on. I mean, that's very NFL draft logic. But I think in this this case because his eye on it applies. Yeah. And and this is where all the lying to right? This is where we start to hear people making little fibs around different trade deals and different options just to see who might bite, and that's what's fascinating about this tonight. We will get the. The order. We will not really get a feeling for. How teams are actually thinking. It feels like Zion is an absolute sure thing, but we've heard plenty of very smart basketball people since the beginning of his run at Duke saying, I don't know if he's actually the one that's going to give you the most success long term. But also, can you be the guy with the Kahane's to say no to him? Yeah. I don't think anybody can. But Zion isn't this draft lottery isn't just about. Whereas I on goes, we all have to be honest..

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