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We'll find out what's on his mind vis a vis the news of the day. Let's continue handle on the news, Jennifer Jones, Lee and me. Well, you know, yesterday was kind of good news, where some people were allowed to go back to their homes in South Lake Tahoe Firefighters finally making some progress, at least Slowing the advance. Of the Kaldor fire. And now there's a bunch of other fires cropping up all over the place. Up in Cinema County more than a dozen fires just yesterday. Popped up. Now they've been able to get a handle on most of these fairly quickly. Thank goodness, but it's just another headache. That they don't need also. Amador County. Isn't that where the teller fire is? I think, in part, yeah, part of it. Well, now there's the Lawrence fire. That's been burning since Sunday. They had some road closures. They did have some evacuations, although that Lawrence Fire is almost 90% contained. Bridge fire a little further north of there. So and then Hey, let's not leave out our Southern friends. Oh, no to the South San Diego County. The Aruba Fire started Sunday afternoon again. Kind of got it surrounded fairly quickly, but you just see it's like every time you turn around and other fires popping up, And when was the last time we even dead? An update on the specifics of the Dixie Fire. Great and that just illustrates right how, and every year it's more and more and more and more to the point where you can't even keep up with All of the major destructive fires that are going up because it would be four hours of fires. Updated. I didn't. Nobody wants that. I did a story earlier with the National Weather Service and one of the meteorologists was essentially saying he was talking about how this week we've got a heat advisory in effect in the inland empire through nine o'clock on Friday night. And essentially, he was saying you should put together a fire kit. So now you'll have your earthquake kit. But then you'll have your fire kit, which is essentially a go kit. Something that you are ready to go during wildfire season that you have an evacuation route. You have a process planned. You have your go bag. Kind of ready to go and it it. You know, it is weird. It absolutely makes sense. In in their brains. We have had it beat into us Put together an earthquake kit. Earthquake Quit Earthquake kit just as quickly. Honestly, you have a fire pop up in your backyard. Absolutely makes sense. Why wouldn't I have a backpack under my bed? That's ready to go at any time. Can't they be the same kit? Um, yes And no to the scent. Can it be two bags? Basically, 11 is the bug out bag, which would be equally applicable for fires or earthquake. The other could be the earthquake supplies. Sure, food, the water, the longer term stuff, But you're right. You have to think about fires now the same way that some people Have been thinking about earthquakes. All right. Some of the people who were able to go back to their homes in the South Lake Tahoe area have been told you might have a new friend waiting for you when you get home. Because apparently they have seen this surge in bear break ins because bear break ins in Tahoe are not uncommon at all. I mean, it happens a lot that you'll hear these stories of a bear breaking into a house to get food or window was left open and you know it. It reminds me of the old grandma made a pie and put it on the window to cool kind of thing. And the bear walked by and smelled it and was like sweet. Thanks, Grandma. It's that same kind of thing. But with humans away for more than a week, these bears got bolder. They started going into areas They might have gotten burned out of the areas that they were used to habitat. You know, um in Aba tatting? No. What's the word I'm looking for? Inhabiting? Thank you. And then now they were like, Hey, the Smith family is gone. We can go take over their place and that's what they're seeing more and more so they're just telling people Hey, when you go home You'll be surprised if you walk in the door and there's Yogi and you know his buddy on the couch, but Yes, we'll see a lot more tiktok videos. Yeah. Well as if the Gulf Coast doesn't have enough problems trying to get back to normal. After Hurricane Ida, Um You need any construction done, You're going to be waiting a long time It would be paying through the nose because there's a shortage of supplies and a shortage of workers. So that's the two things you need. Write it to 100% shortage of the things you need to get. For example, your roof repaired. And that's just on top of the fact that there's still parts of New Orleans, for example, there's still parts of New Orleans that haven't fully been rebuilt and recovered from Katrina. Not to mention what was that hurricane last year, Laura Yeah. Laura. So you've got I mean, there's still It's like they can't get out from under. The damage already done. And then here comes another hurricane right? There is a point at which you really have to wondered Like, why live there anymore. Yeah. I mean, I know Trumbull, Wamba and everything. I get knocked down, but I get up again. But isn't there a point? Even Chumbawamba? At some point, I think would say all right. That's enough getting knocked down all the time. I'm not going to get up again. I'm going to crawl away and live somewhere else. Let's get a news updates and then we'll finish up. Handle on the news. It's K F I am 6 40 live everywhere on the I Heart radio app. Well, the.

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