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Guess Where they were talking about florida man robs convenient for florida man does this is like they were afraid of florida man. He was always doing something that was great so anyways know a lot of big ten there but you know it's really good to see that this man when i say this man kevin colbert. He definitely has his finger on the pulse of everything. So i'm going to ask you guys a question. They don't put a lot of gm's in the hall of fame. I mean they're Contributors possibly but how close to a hall of fame. General manager is kevin colbert. Now she. i'll start with you. Commented on mix. Michael makes article today. And he's never got the respect The now the earned. He's a lot like big man He's done a tremendous job and people want to talk about. You know just a few of his. Mrs and of course anybody achievements fallible. But people don't give him credit. I mean he's he's a credible tame You know they if you look at that. Chart came out recently about Had a losing season since two thousand thirty and before being of course and But a lot of those we covered as well because he's just kept the talent pipeline flowing and the last few years he's went out of the steelers comfort zone and traded up in the draft multiple times Give up future draft capital stuff that they don't like to do but you know i was like i believe the draft louder milk. You know with all the talent we had on the The stores have on that line and now eating cry. Because i mean he looks like he's going to be the real deal and and 'cause i knew they always knew more than me still. You know you'd think i wanted to do that for. But i think that he definitely should be When he's finally retires he deserves hall center ice. Tony are you worried about. Kevin colbert retiring with. Amanda like omar khan waiting in the wings. I think migrating about the steelers is they just have such a good Structured system a good a good organization. Now they know how to win the blueprints there and and tom donahoe who was also from pittsburgh he he was a fantastic income jam back then but but he was basically the gm and then he had problems with art ways but they went right to come inc. It's been was such a seamless transition and He was able to work great with cower. And and now. Tommy doesn't seem to have a huge ego. He doesn't seem to Feel threatened by anybody. Just he just does job and he's such a a reassuring guy Am i worried about it. I hate to see him go. But but i think i think they have such a good again good structured organization. The next guy they bring up Woman whoever they bring it and put in that position. It's going to be think. I've competence that they're going to be able to do the job. I think the The next gm of the steelers could possibly be megan schober. and i. i mean at least hire. Hire her a as maybe a in the media because fantastic Actually got to. She seems like an awesome wife. To as far as making schubert's stuff for the lega baby stuff i saw stuff that she's done and like different tweets So that's that's a great addition to the team to just just having a support like that. It's really nice to have a great family in there too. So i feel like. They're getting an all-star pipe player it all-star type guy and all star type family as well. Let's talk about Let's talk about robert. Splaine though fellas and tony. I'm going to start with you roberts. Spelane is he. I guess he's being demoted in a sense but robert spelane has not lost. As far as i'm concerned he hasn't lost anything as far as the need that he brings. He has a lot of worth to this team too. So coming in as that third guy in and the next man up where do you see the value of roberts filleted you feel that he's lost value or do you feel like that. His value is best. Placed as a second stringer. Because i look at this. I was talking. I was on another show yesterday With some friends on up friends on a another youtube show. It's definitely something you should. you should check out. It's called the noelle's podcast. And i was i was making. It wasn't a joke. I was joking. But i wasn't joking. I actually would love to see a pro bowl spot going to either that or a hall of fame spot going to a backup quarterback because there are guys in history. That are great. Backup quarterbacks in that staying in their lane just like there's great offensive coordinators not great head coaches but great offensive coordinators. Do you think that roberts bylane. Tony is one of the great backups. In this league as far as next man up or in-depth piece for sure he showed its value last year when when when when devon bush went down and he came in and he's not going to be devon bush's. I'm going to be joe schober. But but he came in and played six games. What was it six games. He separate his injury and he did a great job. I mean he. He did a great job filling in he made some plays. And you made some big plays. So i think he could be more valuable fisher. People think even backup if they if if he has commended for bush. Bush is having trouble early in the year. One hundred percent from that injury. Remember tell me been ten months since. He suffered a torn. Acl you know. I mean people. I think i think jeff said the other day people assume that you can come back and look at split from that injury now because a modern science but but or modern medicine..

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