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The wrestling Tuesday it's got its own separate feed from under the hood to the resting Tuesday the podcast subscribe that way you'll never miss an episode and it airs by the way twice a week now two zero sum Tuesday because it's always so much wrestling going on it's been interesting twenty nineteen for pro wrestling for sure this past weekend we had some interesting events a lot of them as a matter of fact including TLC emanating from Minneapolis Minnesota let's dig into that momentarily so TLC tables ladders and chairs as the event for the W. W. E. this past Sunday and I thought it was a really good show not great I thought the ouster black defeating buddy Murphy was the best match on that card is is two guys are kind of know the car trying to figure things out but they have plenty of time to battle there are some really good action in that one so I think that if I was gonna choose my favorite match of TLC was that all the matches on the card included king Corbin you see him on SmackDown on fox he's like when the bigger heels as in the W. W. we defeated Roman reigns that tat table ladders and chairs match up king Corbin continues to win these matches with the help of Dolph Ziggler and with the revival in others but he loves being the bad guy I heard of an interview recently on W. W. backstage on fox he definitely loves me the bad guys so he doesn't have bad performances so if you hate him he's doing the job for sure Aubrey why defeating the Miz only stop there this was a non title match right between free white in the ms but yet the referee showed the belts the mills as if there was a title match site it's not a title match why are you showing on the belt it's like boxing MMA you sold the of the challenger the belts they showed the bell to ms even though it was a non title match very strange as number one number two the story line was that the ms we will continue to get attacked by Bray Wyatt as far as free why coming to the home of the mill is are trying to talk about his family all that in so if someone this with your family you'd want to fight them right you want to fight them okay for whatever reason in this battle between wide in ms ms looks so weak it so W. W. E. that's the best way I can describe it like if some of the tech your family would you read like trying to fight and try to rip this guy's head off not the ms he tried to wrestling moves and it just came across so flat even the crowd knew that as well the main event in the match up with the kabuki warriors against Becky Lynch and Charlotte flair to retain the titles tables ladders and chairs that match up as well only problem is is that curry sane who's one of the kabuki warriors had some kind of concussion it was really ugly too if you watch it there was a monitor that was thrown I think that Kara got it like a monitor to the head or it is a couple things where you can kind of pinpoint where concussion typical took place she is amazing they didn't stop the match clearly if if she's just punching the air probably she's can cost she could not even it was really bad and the WWE just continue with this match because he got a port Charlotte in and Becky Lynch in a great spot right you got to keep the match going and I think there was a major mistake some thoughts from bully ray from busted open on SiriusXM about that the bar for TLC matches have been set so high the spectacular bombs the amazing moments anything and everything that makes TLC matches so memorable now you have the stress of remembering every last thing that's going on now you have the stress of going on last on the TLC match George Bush stress alone can get to you trust me when you're on the other side of that curtain right before you go back about two out there a lot of things go through your mind and when you have a half an hour's worth of match to remember and then all of a sudden within the first five minutes or so you take a good shot to your head you blow up now people are saying wouldn't bother should carry scene wasn't blown up well there's two ways you can blow up in a match you can blow up physically in your lungs that just means you're out of shape and you don't belong in the rain we don't see many people physically blow up anymore right that means they can't handle the physicality in the ring they need to put in their cardio times of your blown up in the lungs that's one thing but what happened last night is a lot of guys and gals especially this could happen to carry she was blown up mentally meaning one thing goes wrong in that match you take one good shot to the head and then everything goes black exactly what happened in that contest a TLC cari same features she's just punch in air she just was fighting just the wind milling anything that she could thought she was saying that was not great at really with that in the I mean it ended well because Oscar and carry saying we're able to retain the women's tag team championships against two formidable opponents in Charlotte flair and Becky Lynch but it just that was not great at all something else too the NWA had their paper view the refurbished brand new NWA the national sea lions I and it was into the fire the paper view they had some good things and some question marks about that paper view but the main event was Nick Aldis against James storm for the two out of three falls for the world to a championship I thought that was an excellent match up you thought you talk about to the great champions in wrestling in twenty nineteen they call this is that guy because he's defending the championship all across the country he's he has this been terrific you lie Drake in Ken Anderson had a match I watch this paper view I thought that that was a great opener for them in for those that have not seen the new NWA you I've seen in the eighties and the nineties I even back before that the UW way is still based in Atlanta and it is a smaller arena it's kind of like have backed studio wrestling elected a studio television setting now a lot of people in there but it's full and loud and so they're trying to do something that works years ago and it's pretty what we're gonna pretty well I thought that their paper you for the first time with this new iteration of the NWA was pretty good among some of the other matches on here I thought that the I thought that the cold Cabana Ricky Starks errant's divas match I thought that that was good not great just you know if you try to put a serious quote unquote serious wrestling product on I don't know if you're in Stevens works for what they're trying to do I just wasn't a big fan of him but he won the national championship in that one so that was an interesting match up but I I think that wrestling in twenty nineteen is going in the right direction because here we go twenty twenty right on the corner and there's a lot of places for men and women to work women are getting over weight more than if they ever have in wrestling thank you which is the face of the WWE you're like a wrestling fan of the past you saw stone cold Steve Austin although again and all those people there the face of the company in the NWA's ric flair eight of you a Nick Bockwinkel you know whatever where were you thought was the face of a company now Becky Lynch is that person I think she still needs to be able to get over a little bit more though it's a struggle but yet women are really over in twenty nineteen and beyond now for professional wrestling the more women's matches now that you've ever seen in wrestling there's a time where women were just a novelty in wrestling wait to see him you know once a card once every other card now you're watching a rusting show for two hours you might see three or four women's matches and they are competing as well or better than the men it is it's really really impressive so I'm I'm really enjoying that but I think when I'm watching wrestling in the one watching the WWE the question I would have for them is what is the direction of the company from raw and SmackDown NXT I saw the ratings for raw this past Monday was at two million and it seems like it's going backwards instead of forwards I know that the excuse always as well Monday Night Football against when I rock because when I wrought errors seven to ten PM central time it's usually gets money like football with your wrestling fan you're tuned in but Ross three hours and I saw the numbers at a at two million it's not it's not the product I think that's sick man dot he has on Monday on Monday nights and also on Friday nights were SmackDown it's still it's an entertaining show but it doesn't hold you sold so much alike we act I can't wait to see next Friday that's the thing in twenty twenty hopefully there's some excitement for that company so you can say I can't wait to see this I can't see that there's not a lot in dissipation because when you have three hours on Monday the two hours on Friday it's like well I've seen everything C. five hours a day out of you what can I look forward to I really don't have cliffhangers because it seems like they're booking is going week to week when it comes to what they're doing so that a Wednesday night so Wednesday nights is this is the spot even though both companies all elite wrestling that's on TNT and NXT this on on the USA network it is they are fighting for pretty much a million viewers every single week maybe two million viewers every single week so it's still somewhat niche but it's growing it's our lease Wednesday nights when they're up against each other between seven and nine PM on Wednesday night it's fun and all the other independents around the country to as wrestling team to grow if you are a small company all the covers able to grow as well but remember nothing really works out until the WW streets out their business the WWE Star City have story lines it makes sense and getting better with that then it will be better for the overall wrestling business don't forget to check out.

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