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News time to 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center Our early morning commuters are already headed into the district finding new big issues in your way on both I two 95 north in D.C. two 95 south a good headed toward downtown suitland park when south capitol street incident delay free so far New York avenue inbound leaving the anaconda toward the third street tunnel beyond in northwest no incident anyway Third street tunnel running well between New York avenue and the freeway freeway was also moving well on both directions Still have the police investigation and upper northwest park place closed between park road and kenyon street That as a result of an investigation following a shooting again traffic is being redirected each way there as results would be extra careful if you headed over that way Virginia's side George Washington Parkway of running well on both directions between old town and mcclain especially for folks making early journey toward Reagan national no big problems to report in your way 95 between Fredericksburg and the bellway incident delay free three 95 north just to short works on before you get up to exit three duke street that blocked the left lane at three you get by without delay 60 60s found working between the two centerville interchanges X 52 U.S. 29 and X 53 the exit for route 28 center villa near you squeeze by single file initially to the right and later to the lesser that works and where they're doing a traffic shift so be extra careful Once you clear that nothing else anyway getting to the bellway or even inside the belly headed toward the district off to a good start early this morning rich hunter WTF traffic Now to storm team four meteorologists Samara Theodore A really great week for holiday travel especially locally temperatures Today are going to be the low 40s sunny skies Tuesday partly sunny and dry upper 40s Wednesday low 50s still dry with mostly sunny skies.

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