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He presided over some of the U. N.'s most turbulent years but as the choir held the U. N.'s top job for a decade he arrived in office in nineteen eighty two as a little known official from Peru having an organization that was struggling to be effective in a world divided by the Cold War and roiled by conflict in Afghanistan Cambodia and the Middle East he left with a reputation as a dogged peacemaker whose uncharismatic diplomacy helped secure many achievements a ceasefire in the Iran Iraq war the release of western hostages in Lebanon independence of Namibia a peace deal in El Salvador tributes are now pouring into Paris to quite yet the only Latin American to lead the U. N. he died in Peru where he's also remembered for his role late in life as a national politician that Reeves NPR news in Detroit prosecutors today charged the former president of the United auto workers with corruption alleging Gary Jones conspired with several others at the union to embezzle more than one million dollars Jones resigned back in November after a series of guilty pleas in the sweeping federal investigation of U. A. W. leaders living the high life non union officials have pleaded guilty since twenty seventeen but these are the first charges against the former UAW president himself the investigation began with the discovery that money from a fiat Chrysler UAW job training center was stolen this is NPR news Casey R. W. is proud to partner with allowed a program of the library foundation of Los Angeles this March that allowed comedian best kalb joins TV writer Megan Amram to discuss her debut memoir allowed also welcomes conservationist Terry Tempest Williams to talk about her new essay.

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