Chris, Damon Burrell, Investigative Reporter discussed on Christopher Kimballs Milk Street Radio - 115: Eat, Cook, Love in Senegal


A lot goes into it lock goes into it have you ever been asked the question and you couldn't you're speechless you you really i'm selling right thought like my to remember that recipes of yard fill points to make about it's it's as simple as well you know it's what i say when when folks asked me why i do what i do i mean imagine chris the animal to do this every day and sharing this with people who are essential in your home and i am the luckiest person in the world and i never take that for granted that was damon burrell chef former author of native harvest my interview with damon burrell deserved just one word you know i'm not an investigative reporter i've never pen to pearl's restaurant so i can't opine on his claims his food or even the sourcing of his ingredients but i can say from my interview that he smarties energetic and anyone who can make flower unto bark who's more for pow cooking than i do and that's enough for me whether the emperor is wearing clothes or not thanks for listening to millstreet radio especial thanks this week to the international fund for agricultural development recipes for change series which provided audio senegalese women you could listen to our weekly shows an i tuned stitcher two in also on our very own website look street radiocom where you can also download each piece recipe will be back next week christopher kimble's nook street radio is produced by milk street in association with wgbf eggs active producers melissa baldia now and stephanie stand producer amy production assistant carly helmet senior audio engineers douglas senior audio editor melissa allison with help from vicky merrick and said new.

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