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The corner joshoukou give the angle and Keita Bates Diop alquiler marta sets up towns against Herald quick spin move bass line up with a jump on the hit program FAQ remain in war into the waiting arms of Rodney McGruder where in the clipper blue Ross over by Williams to the ram shop black light towns with that's an obvious golds and two more for the clippers with thirty three points here in the opening quarter we still have to eleven left to play clippers fifty eight percent shooting here in the opening quarter LA has been the nine best first quarter team in the NBA this year they have a net rating of plus five I thank their top ten in every single quarter symbols are not top ten in any quarter and the third quarter really jumps off the stat sheet with their net rating ranking twenty eight out of thirty teams that quarter has been their biggest downfall Duxiu Keita Bates Diop misfires up three Williams back the other way fades and fires baseline left fifteen foot or no town secures the rebound good outlet to mid court years ago the on the move to one to handle circle around slow things up Keita Bates Diop playing in his thirty sixth game of the season averaging eighteen minutes a game of coke in a spin move on Jim Michael green in the lay up is Albany and with the right hand for Josh ago Josh what a busy week game against the kings on Monday Tuesday had practice in right after practice as Herald throws it away in the clippers commit a foul trying to prevent equals fastbreak but after practice.

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