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What kind of statement do you guys make today? Beating this? Brown's team? We're not in the statements. We'll let you guys make the statements. We just gonna line up and play against those that were scheduled to play against. They were next, and I'm glad we could get the job done. But you know, we got a significant challenge and a former Tennessee Titans coming up this week, and so that's life in this game, and we're appreciative and, more importantly, We're really excited. You can't take anything for granted in this environment. Um, we appreciate all the sacrifice that everybody's making in an effort to keep this ball rolling man, and it just needs to continue. All right, Mike Tomlin and that the Steelers 38 27 went over the Browns. The man who covered that game for us was Jeff Hathorn and Jeff. What was ah, Bigger factor in your mind. The Mika Fitzpatrick interception early. That really just set. The tone is Ah, as Mike Tomlin just mentioned a second ago and we'll get back to Jeff in just a couple of moments is Jeff Hawthorne, who will be joining us? In just a second from Pittsburgh after their 38 7 win over the Browns, But Karim Hunt 40 yards rushing the Browns rush for 75. Jeff is before you're dropped off the line. I was about to ask you, which was a bigger factor. The Fitzpatrick interception that Mike Tomlin just was explaining took a lot more out of them than it lifted. The Steelers. Or the fact that they they were able to stop the run so well holding Cleveland is just a total of 75 yards in the day. You know, I think when you've been dominant against an opponent When something goes wrong early on, especially with one of your key players. I think that really set a tone with the mindset for the team that's looking to beat, you know, beating team they haven't beaten. Why do you think that was a significant player? I know. It only made it 10. Nothing. But of course, the Steelers were ableto ad on. Obviously stopping the run was big, but I think that was big and I'll tell you what else. You know Ben Roethlisberger referred to after the game is Bill Power football in the second half, where they basically handed the ball off every play of the second half and were able to get points and able to burn a clock and he said it Like the days of Jerome Bettis, where he just hand hand him the ball in the second half. The Steelers can establish that type of identity and be able to run the football when they need you and I have had against lesser opponent but to do it against what appears to be a quality opponent into Cleveland Brown Really speaks well, this team going forward, You know, it's interesting. This team has had so much drama over the last couple of years from Antonio Brown to Roethlisberger's injury last year and the thie incident obviously between these two teams last year This year. You know, everything seems to be clicking right now. Very early on, and you know they have a lot of group players on the defensive side of the ball as well. The offense there's great balance here. What stands out to you most about this team and makes them eyes frightening as they they possibly could be right now. Well, I think that they're really good on both phases. I think they're fairly average on special teams. I don't think they're planning is really good coverage Teams a good and Chris Boswell is off to a good start this season. Man offensively and defensively, This team is clicking together. They're making big plays, and let's be really I think this team could have done these type of things. Last year, Ben Roth was murdered there. As long as Ben Roethlisberger stays healthy, this team has a chance. Go a long way this season. I really believe that I think it makes such a big difference in play. You got an established defense. You've got a veteran offensive line. It's a quarterback. Of this level stays healthy man. This could be a special year for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And finally, you know, Roethlisberger looks pretty good after the surgery. Last year, he said. He's been pain free or his pain freeze. He's been in quite some time. How do you find his are holding up so far after the big surgery?.

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