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Traffic and weather. News Radio nine seventy WFL. A Tampa TV HD two Clearwater. Iheartradio station. Good morning. I'm Chris TRITON. Our top story at ten o'clock, the Saint Petersburg man, riding a scooter be towed behind an SUV with a toe. Strap was killed after the SUV made a left hand. Turn for the southbound lanes of MLK street onto Melrose avenue. The scooter did not have a working engine and was not able to clear the lanes in time. It was hit by a Mazda minivan, the thirty year old was thrown from the scooter died at the scene. He was not wearing a helmet and the scooter did not have any working lights carbon. Monoxide kills a man in Davis islands that story ahead. First. Let's update the roads here's daisy ash from the central credit union free checking traffic center, still have that jackknifed semi that's blocking three left lanes on the eastbound Howard Franklin bridge just past the hump, and we have very slow traffic all the way back from Olmert. And also, the eastbound Gandy bridge is very slow. And we now have an accident on eastbound Courtney Campbell causeway approaching the big bridge. This traffic report is sponsored by. Tampa YMCA dot org. When you just join your local YMCA, you're joining more than just a gym. You're beginning a part of an organization dedicated to helping you meet your fitness goals and strengthen your community this January zero joining feet and achieve more than just weight loss. Visit Tampa YMCA dot org today. Daisy ashes JD night, seventy VFL see traffic problems. Call the injury firm of Abraham's in in Utah. Traffic tip line Hillsboro eight six.

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