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While I'm there Oh gosh Oh you don't make some You will make some genuine connections Let me tell you what a land anyone in any of the week If your life coach is currently in prison She's gonna be bothering billingsley and an airplane I speak jive I speak to him high It's my first day at prison What's going on Hi homies Oh can I call you bunkie Oh my God Oh my God Kevin and decent Take care Francis No she's called to people right into the hole Yeah The slot Kevin D.C. You're on with Angela Good morning everybody And welcome to day 5 million 500 of The Twilight Zone Episode ever Yeah exactly Just describe you're kidding This woman really said this nonsense Yes Yes My bunkie is high Holy crap How are my home slices Hey sister haircut Hi Well before I eat mine let me say happy holidays to everyone Brand dealer Stephanie I know this is just what women want to hear early in the morning but Don't get me down in COVID I really appreciated the up close and personal attention And Stephanie your show I know people told you infinite but really you deserve credit because doing this stuff every day I do deserve it Yes it's an incredible talent I get so angry that I'm not even able to try to attack Yes you're right Well you have a lot of love out there Thank you Thank you I got to get it somewhere out there because I'm certainly not getting it We're in the same boat Hopefully When the stupid COVID thing is over we'll go off supremes and someday we'll be together Yes thank you We've all been in the same boat this year in the boat unfortunately was amistad but okay Thank you Kevin It's been a crappy year frangela Yep So I said it was the top sibling of 2020 right Where the orange blob is still stalking us He brought his direct his COVID and his death and his anti vaxxers and his treason and his insurrection into 2021 I'm telling you It is like that point in the movie where you've killed the evil thing and then you turn around And it comes right back The only thing we do I'm not turning my back on 2022 not once The only thing we have to look forward to is Jenna Ryan reporting to prison Good morning How's a peace out to all your mamas my home slices I predict she doesn't get one namaste out before you get caught Namaste And everyone down Oh gee I think she's gonna open to peace out with y'all's mamas Oh God Good morning home slices I think that's what she's going with I hope so So she's going with the lyrics from a papa 90s rap song Yes Okay Ring the bell schools in sucker That's a good show Let us see it You can't touch this Okay She's gonna go with something Some bubble gum wrap That's what I'm thinking She's gonna Okay Okay How did this guy the man who threatened to shoot Pelosi as a been sentenced to more than two years in prison Hey didn't African American woman that she both by accident Didn't she get two years in prison Yeah I just feel like 5 Oh that's what I thought Yeah Actually a mistake And she went to Georgia and he drove cross country within the salt right in rifle and threatened to kill Nancy Pelosi was sentenced to 28 months behind bars He wanted that we missed the generous rally because of car trouble He was one of the first people charged in relation to the capitol ride after his mother Reported concerning text to the FBI This guy is just really how many levels of loser in this story already Okay They found him in a hotel one mile from the capitol with thousands of rounds of ammunition a handgun and assault rifle stash in his trailer The judge said let the record be crystal clear it is not patriotism It's not justified descend on the capitol at the behest of a candidate who lost an election and terrorize others That is the definition of tyranny canceling the votes of others at the point of a gun is the antithesis of what this country stands for He apparently texted a friend one day after the riot said he was thinking of attending an event with Pelosi and putting a bullet in her noggin on live TV He apologized for Angela so I'm not sure why they didn't just let him go He said he's sorry if he scared Nancy Pelosi in any way What did she mean I mean are you kidding me I mean they seem to think from the top of the insurrection to the bottom that there are takes the backseat Right Like Mark Reynolds can be like oh did I say all these documents weren't privileged and all these things I said in my book on Fox News No no no they're privileged now I take you back Oops Yeah Let's prove them wrong because so far we have it The reality is I had to read our calls about Travis Barker being responsible for people going crazy to concert But Trump isn't Yeah I'm trying to understand the world I live in We're Kyle rittenhouse is exonerated Yeah Yeah And this guy is going to jail for a threat that we're absolutely He should be in jail for but this kid got free So it doesn't surprise me that people are going to keep doing this stuff We keep telling them it's okay Yep Yep Matt in Chicago you're on with Friends a little real quick Hey Matt Hi everyone I just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys do all year Truly it really makes my life better I'm.

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