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He didn't credit your with john gibson it is john gibson is so christine i and i'm going to move on to another topic then i did i want to explain something to the to somebody rope me that you already completely wrong math twice and the john gibson facebook page people it's a radio show and then you're right us and there is a woman who says that if and object could travel faster than the speed a light which is not an eighty six thousand miles per second that as it approach a went pass that speed it's last would increase and therefore would become to have beat to move so all the the passer you could possibly go according to physics is just be the light one earn eighty six thousand and change per second miles per second so steve even if you didn't get to that speed it's going to take you forty light years to get there now that's the question of whether you would be the same age or would have age i don't know the answer are we clear all going i'm processing i get it so i just have to say.

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