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Gets a little too cocky and it's it's reflected from his football team and its cost them and of course them bs that the idea that he got a great point especially with what happened with the jaguars eat reeked of cockiness yes starting with him for a while now and if they would have backed it up with a victory gaba lesser patil evacuated the vix that's correct john in danbury john hour you hager got my issue with you in an interview with and each uh you want this playoff mandate like at some time dog you know like they owners can't go back on anything anyway but you want this playoff mandates and yet next year you wanna go you guys are going to go into the year with either like a josh challenge drafted holding back or uh or josh mccown so if you've got go seven and nine with say josh out of their bigger mayfield um you keep in the clutch mouth everybody else all right so uh and he shows promise with with the quarterback would what do you do that thing though at some point has to win something here i mean it's spent seven years without a playoff spot okay and i just think the on and i really look to be the biggest problem the jets of adult over all these years is the owners leon hess in these guys who is i remember he'll dave step mediocrity i really do you you you talk like you would be a great owner because all you want to do with when you open your golan wants to win an award here or it's a it's a little different jim little at all because raise rangiatea has actually been pretty good owner his rage is a pretty good it's because his airline tobacco crop up remote wilkerson cooperate of an issue of that i made a mistake but i was apparently would look i i make mistakes that was a mistake i should have done it but you happy well well well at what point does bowls half the make how how many more years you have to not make the playoffs before he say boy i i think she be circumstancial yoga where you don't understand okay if if vedra beach baker may feel that he looks like their franchise quarterback articles seven and nine wh what do you do that you got rid of boll clock john i i agree with you about.

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