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Two koa newsradio time nine thirty the president discussing a plan that would let states drug tests some food stamp recipients president trump's food stamp drug testing plan would only apply to people who are able to work have no children and are applying for specialized jobs that equals about five percent of everyone on food stamps wisconsin republican governor scott walker wanted to do something similar a federal judge blocked him another state judge blocked florida from doing the same thing saying drug testing snap recipients is unconstitutional andy field abc news washington sports the rockies beat the padre six four nolan renato charging san diego pitcher luis perdomo in the third inning five players including arenando ejected the rockies begin a fourgame set in washington on thursday night nuggets win and into the playoffs but denver falls at minnesota by six points in overtime next update at ten o'clock david ko koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm things are looking good for that drive through downtown denver both directions twentyfive wide open same story if you're traveling through the tech center i said east and westbound through the metro wide open up into the high country we are seeing very gusty windy conditions but i'm not seeing it really affect your drive but if you are driving light highprofile vehicle definitely something to be aware of we've been watching him pretty serious accident traveling on into colorado springs southbound lanes near garden the gods highway has reopened so that's good news for you but you are still going to run into.

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