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The phoenix papers had a story which for falling short of the facts was truly wonderful. It told a weird tale of mexican. He'd see hit. It told the weird tale of a mexican who threaten the life of the young men and laid the crime at his door. Additional details published subsequently. Were along the same line in. Never a hint was given a woman figured in the killing the journal minor scored a statewide beat on this important story and that every word which it published was true is confirmed in the account of the affair given in the last issue of the parker post. Its accounts although going into more detail substantiates in every particular that given to the readers of the journal minor it is as follows so now this is like two papers that have collaborated to have collaborated. They have the same facts now. So it is as follows. Because her love for hubbard. Fuqua was greater than her courage to live apart from him. Genevieve h sweeney successfully laid an executed her plans to take her own life and that of the man she loved the tragedy which has inexpressible shocked. The whole community occurred some time last saturday night in the old smith house located on the messa getting the river. So there is no frigging mexican. Could your isn't that desert and there's no desert and who even knows if the story. I mean maybe it's true that this quote unquote a mexican guy walked into their store and threatened them. Who know who knows. But that is not how the shit went down. So it's in a house down by the river all right so the dead bodies of the two young people were discovered monday afternoon and from a number of letters left by the unfortunate woman. It is clear that she shot young fuqua and then killed herself. Genevieve sweeney was the daughter of mr. And mrs fred hall who resides six miles north of parker on the california side of the river. She was twenty. One years of age was the divorced. Wife of william sweeney who operates a ferry at needles and leaves two small children so in the last article that said. She left three So hubbard fuqua. Was the son of mr and mrs b. m. fuqua and was but seventeen years of age. So she's twenty one the first article that i read said he was eighteen right but now this one saying seventeen if he was if he was seventeen and she was twenty one again. It's nineteen fifteen. She's already been married. Obviously she's got two kids but seventeen maybe eighteen. He possessed an unusually pleasant disposition and was beloved by everyone in the community. His tragic end is deeply regretted by his friends in has prostrated his parents with grief while the young people were known to associate together at intervals. It was not thought that the woman in the case was so desperately in love with the boy. She arrived in parker from her home up the river saturday evening after previously writing a detailed account of what she intended to do which he addressed to her mother hidden address her door. So i'm gonna take this story.

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