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On how strong new buildings should be a requirement for cities to identify buildings at risk of collapse democratic drena's aaron represents north hollywood he says the economic damage could be disastrous we closed down shops or businesses for years you're going to be seeing a great amount of displacement not just of the economy but of people eventually leaving the state others like dan done moyer president of the california building industry association say that earthquake safety involves a difficult balancing act the challenge is finding the balance between building housing more forcible and still safe for property and for people of the board of the structural engineers association of california unanimously voted in january in favor of stronger minimum building standards christine were there all news sister station knx in los angeles cbs news time seven twenty five it's moneywatch stocks ended mixed the dow jones industrials rose one hundred fifteen points or nearly half a percent while the nasdaq closed fifteen points lower loss of two tenths percent and the s and p five hundred lost two points bloomberg reports bayer's efforts to win antitrust approval for its proposed acquisition of monsanto have not yet satisfied officials in washington people familiar with the matter say the justice department does not think a plan to sell businesses goes far enough the food and drug administration published a formal notice that in intense to start regulating nicotine it is the first step in an fda antismoking plan the agency wants to lower the level of nicotine in cigarettes so they are no longer addictive more young people are considering careers as airline pilots the nation's major carriers are hiring pilots at the fastest rate since nine eleven and hiring is expected to remain brisk a boeing forecast says the.

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