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Inside the first baptist church in sutherland springs texas east of san antonio how small as it pastor paula buford within hereby churchill you wouldn't believe that something like that would happen here i mean as a sutherland springs where we're not even incorporating stating we post office over here and his hip code and two gas stations to charges than a dollar general law enforcement sources tell abc news the shooter is dead no word about who he was was motive abc's bill o'neill in san antonio it seems as though at this point were fearing pretty confidently that there was one shooter the exact circumstances of how he was taken out or went down that still that worked fluid is visited were to you we're still not exactly sure how all of that actually happening numbers indicate a three of the four deadliest shootings in modern american history of all happened in the last year and a half las vegas concert you're orlando nightclub and now the texas church president trump in tokyo says he's monitoring the situation various lawmakers are tweeting condolences and calls for peru there's there are early reports of a helicopter or plane crash carrying as many as eight senior saudi arabian officials including prince mansard been merkin advisor to the crown prince this on the weekend in which the crown prince ordered arrests of eleven other saudi princes who opposes modernisation moves and what's being called with the government is an anti corruption effort predicting more indictments in the trump campaign russia investigation with the revealing last week of a plea deal in cooperation with the former trump foreign policy advisor former us attorney pre fajara to abc's this week the charges against george papadopoulos and the fact that almost certainly he has slipped in cooperating with the government to provide substantial assistance with respect to someone else higher up in in the food chain means.

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