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No i'm not even going to begin to take any credit for any of that now you are the race director kind of hinted that maybe not a great idea to be blasting music in your ears seek it's still kinda hear your surroundings or here's something goes on especially need that distraction tactic because that's what got me through most of the race i also had a pacer for ninety or eighty two hundred forty miles having someone else to talk to at night when you're sleep deprived and and you know not feeling great that was another way to kind of get the headphones outta my ears but yet you are a lot of is that pacer a participant or is that somebody on your team so that was a coach that i met in colorado i had him come out and just ran with me here in their slept when he could my dad would pick them up nate station and then he'd go back to the hotel sleep before five hours in the drop dropping off one night was fallen to be with me again now he was not a participant he did not enter a seems just there for me mental toughness is such a critical skill to develop and again it's one that's frequently overlooked the trick with developing mental toughness is that you've got to put yourself in comfortable situations to expand yourself and your experiences and this is a big part of what we're doing inside of the iron council each and every week we issue to separate challenges and in fact right in the middle of a thirty day wellness challenge and these things are designed to push you mentally physically emotionally you can choose not to do them but i will tell you in my experience the men who push outside of their comfort zone typically produce on such a higher level than those who simply maintain the status quo and stay complacent in their life so if you're ready to step outside your comfort zone try some different things band with other men who were doing the same i would encourage you to join us in the iron council head to order man dot com slash iron council to learn a little bit more and of course claim your seat again.

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