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On Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. California health officials say two of their key metrics that measured the severity of covered 19 a rapidly improving states. 14 day average of new cases has dropped to 19,557 as of Monday. That number was averaging more than 40,000 cases a day. As recently as January, 14th. 14 day of positivity rate has fallen to 7.2% public out that it shows that number has been cut nearly in half from a peak of 14% on January 8th. There's very little change to the states Updated, color coded tier status with 54 counties. Still in the most restrictive purple tear. Mariposa County remains in the second highest red tear. And now three smaller counties. Trinity Alpinists era are in the moderate orange tear. For more on the coronavirus go to the I Heart radio app and two at the podcast tab for the latest news and information. I'm Dave Lewis. Now. Sacramento Traffic could be being 903 Bob Williams in the KFBK traffic centers We check in this year and see the latest chain conditions. They are still required three miles east of Kuipers to Myers on Highway 50. While I 80 changes required from King Veil, Truckee bigwigs being screened for proper chains of Applegate, We are still dealing with the connector ramp. Shut down. This is South bound 49 the westbound I 80 due to an earlier crash involving a big rig out on the Sacramento area freeways with work tonight we will see reduce lanes from South Land Park over across, which is near Floren Road to highway 50 of Broadway in north Bound. Five through the overnight hours. Also a full on ramp closure. Make that offer Enclosure north bound. Five J. Street Off ramp for utility work until 5 30 traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Next traffic at 9 33 Bob Williams News 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather The cloudy tonight Low 38 to 42 clouds limited some tomorrow high 53 to 57 becoming clear tomorrow night Live with 37 41 20th Sunshine on Thursday. 57 is 61 vacuum. Other meteorologist viruses lose 93.1 KFBK Next update in.

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