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But i don't want to be just a man emoji i like the depth of it and you can whose so we did not like the emoji moving it was one of the worst ready movies of the year for us trill balans and ken jack both gave it a five and i gave it a to another seguin that we did this week one that has been a fan favorite is we cast at our own adam sandler unhappy madison's cinematic universe swe made a cinematic universe much like marvel or d c does but with just characters from adam sandler movies or happy madison movie so from the water boy to mr deeds to grownups in all of that kevin james rob schneider everybody involved all three of us picked our own universe but ken jack by far had the most elaborate one and it's pretty good or you can jack who are your picks for the to be the leaders of the happy madison cinematic universe all right so right off the bat i kinda have i think a hot take for my leader of of the adventures of the happy medicine universe my leader will be satan from little nicky as a sort of nick fury counterpart because i think he is out of a classic sort of antihero vibe to him men he has like the sort of traits of a leader and you know he has the previous experience the bad guys know he knows how they operate and in part of the plot it's good because a kind of loops everything together as will a move into.

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