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Tools tweets Republicans well log garlic before they outlaw guns yeah this the garlic festival shooter in Gilroy so he of it obviously white supremacists we're just a gun legally in Nevada three weeks ago okay I just I all this rhetoric occurred I can wall tweeted arm police were all over the Gilroy garlic festival everyone knew it he they got to the shooter in sixty seconds sixty seconds and he shot sixteen people there's no better proof that the gotten more guns could solve Nash shooting garbage is garbage and we seem to have already moved on yeah will tweets auxiliary festival shooter promoted white supremacist and fascist literature on social media meantime the leader of the world's white supremacy movement sits in the White House threatening to classify anti fascist groups who have killed no one as terrorists that's another huge he is like a threat both foreign and domestic yes he is a foreign asset in the is a threat and I don't know when we're gonna start calling this out more than that you know it does every shooter have to name him by name like the the bomber did it right I mean it and several of these on around the world have name check Donald Trump but yeah trump warned this weekend considerations being giving did declaring anti for a terror organization again not one single killing when at the far right accounted for seventy three percent of four hundred and twenty five extremist murders in the U. S. between two thousand nine and two thousand eighteen and I mean you can if you start to lose track of the shooting right in but every single one has been some form of eight chan guy white supremacist right racist misogynist this that whatever this is but you know what error bowler said earlier about him stressed our race war Malcolm Nance warned about this yeah this isn't like all he's got I guess I would look at look at this and there was a there was a far right did you see this the makers of Patrick Kane's ran ads about bludgeoning anti fur protesters are the makers of a solid steel cane or advertising on lines is in need of a means of beating up on really liberals and anti for demonstrators god circulated unsubstantiated information that into the activists plan to attack conservatives with milkshakes and let you know how wine cement or whatever I mean it's like the black Panthers it was like one guy yeah that then they kept the you know hearing that scary footage on fox and look at the people trying to I mean I yeah I was still I was just reading because we've got so much news since then that what's his name Cesar Sciacca fanatical trump and mail package bombs to the president's political opponents so trump is a surrogate father who came to believe in an alternate reality fueled in part by trump's attacks on his political opponents according to his attorneys on either I mean he mail the pipe on the basically everyone from sever right bashed on Twitter or elsewhere and.

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