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Prince muhammad bin salman and now it appears that the accused of being offered a novel mechanism for having those charges dropped this report from ah arab affairs editor sebastian aisha a retreat for those who simply desire the royal treatment reads the slogan on the website at the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh that has taken on a tragedy colmey new meeting in the past fortnight as many of saudi arabia's richest men continue an involuntary and indefinite sleep over there at the discretion of unquestionably the most powerful man in the kingdom crown prince muhammad bin salman among those on mattresses in the five star hotel whose golden corridors hosted many of the world's most influential figures to a glittering conference just last month a princes and billion as the saudi authorities have said they're seeking hundreds of billions of dollars from the personal assets of those accused of epic embezzlement dating back decades reports on writers and the financial times could named sources saying what some might see as a shakedown has already begun with detainees being offered their freedom in exchange for huge watches of that cash a saudi political insider an analyst ali she hobby has suggested that this way of doing things could benefit all parties even if it doesn't meet fool international standards those who acquiesce will be allowed to go home quietly end with some of their wealth still intact while the crown prince can speedily fill the state coffers to fund his extraordinarily ambitious plans to transform saudi arabia without a long process that could have paralysed the country and the economy for years sebastian osher the uk has been told it has two weeks to address issues on the financial settlement when it leaves the eu the border with northern ireland if it once brexit talks to move onto trade next month the president of the european council donald tusk said britain must deliver much more progress the british.

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