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Mph winds abc's rob marciano telling us that people in parts of the caribbean still on edge reeling from hurricane maria dominika which got crushed by maria and martinique guadeloupe they're all in the path as puerto rico potentially as we go to sunday into monday russell watching tropical depression number three but clearly in the caribbean a fragile situation national hurricane center forecasters also sending an air force plane to more closely monitor a tropical depression that's off the coast of north carolina they say could turn into tropical storm chris news ninety six point five where orlando turns burs breaking news leslie sending a partly cloudy skies early and by this afternoon scattered showers and storms will develop our chance of rain today down forty percent from channel nine eyewitness news meteorologist eboni dion under all clear right now on news ninety six point five wdbo interacted weather radar we've got lots of sunshine it is eighty one in orlando olsen law begins in just a couple of minutes developing this hour seventeen year old boy arrested one week after orlando police say he raped a woman at gunpoint at a park and stole a car early morning shooting in daytona beach two men injured police say it happened outside a nightclub on seabreeze boulevard near a one a they're continuing to look for the shooter orange county deputy searching for two suspects accused of attacking an elderly couple in their home navigator say the couple posed as inspectors woman thrown to the floor as the suspect tried to take a ring off her finger neighbors on edge telling gentle line my parents and that really ever since then i'm more cautious than i used to be as a.

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